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Cars crash. It happens all the time. However, as we all know, some crashes are a bit crazier than others. Emergency responders in Placer County, California, had their training put to the test when they responded to a particularly crazy crash. When first responders arrived on the scene of an SUV that had crashed into a house, they weren’t likely expecting it to be on the second floor. 

SUV crashed into a house
SUV Crashed into the second floor of a house | CAL Fire NEU

SUV lands on the second story

This flying SUV crash needed some really skilled hands to work out. According to CarScoops, the Placer County Fire Department and the CAL Fire had to work together in order to get this SUV out of the house. The call came in Sunday night in the Cape Horn area, just outside of Sacramento. Not only did the two fire teams show up, but they also had assistance from the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) to free the SUV from the roof of the house. 

A dangerous rescue

SUV crashed into house
Emergency responders at the house | CAL Fire NEU

While this crash is clearly a strange and extreme car crash, the recovery and rescue were trickier than you might have assumed. Along with the California Highway Patrol, the American Medical Response (AMR) had to work quickly to stabilize the roof of the house before they could rescue anyone from the crossover. 

That’s not all. In order to extract the SUV’s occupants, rescuers had to use a system of ropes to reach the vehicle. Electric and water had to also be shut off to the entire area due to the number of exposed wires in the house, along with potential water pipes. 

Once the driver was rescued from the vehicle, the AMR team quickly treated them in the home they crashed into. CarScoops mentions that one person was injured in the accident; however, the details are scant. We aren’t sure if it was the driver or someone in the home, nor are there many details about how severe the injuries are. 

How did the SUV get there? 

The photos show a hill that seems to be nearly as high as the roof of the carport where the SUV came to rest. While the authorities are still investigating how this insane car crash happened, the hill is most likely how the SUV ended up on the second floor of this house. 

In order to get the vehicle unstuck from the roof of the house, rescue crews brought in a crane to lift it out. 

Can you imagine sitting in your home and an SUV flies through the roof of the second story and is now in your home? The initial moments must have been quite shocking, indeed. Thankfully, the injuries don’t seem to be life-threatening.


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