Flop Sweat On 2021 BMW M4? 289 Sitting At Dealers Right Now

In 2000 people were on waiting lists to get the BMW E46 M3. Then, in 2013 the F80 created a buzz after great reviews and again, there were waiting lists for potential buyers. But so far, the M4 is different. From our research in the Los Angeles area, most BMW dealers have plenty of 2021 M4 coupes-some have six or more. Is this flop sweat? Has the humorous beaver fang grille really tanked the legendary M4?

Crevier BMW in Santa Ana, California, lists 47 on the lot or “in-transit”

listing showing 2021 BMW M4 inventory at Crevier BMW
2021 BMW M4 inventory at Crevier BMW, Santa Ana, California

The most astounding search was of our local Crevier BMW in Santa Ana, California. Their website lists 47 either on the lot or “in-transit.” After our local search, we ventured out to other states. Most dealers had two or more each. Houston has four; Omaha, Nebraska, has two; Morristown, New Jersey, has two; and so on. The inventory of 2021 M4s looks to be full. Let’s look at the forums.

The i4Talk forum has a discussion going over the same thing-lots full of 2021 M4s. One poster talked to his local dealer who gave four reasons why he has seen no interest in the M4s he has on the lot. His reasons are because of Tesla, the beaver tooth grille, the price, and the grille

Nation-wide BMW inventories show 289 listings for 2021 M4 coupes

2021 BMW M4 inventory 3-15-21
2021 BMW M4 inventory 3-15-21

Another who has access to nation-wide inventories sees 289 listings for 2021 M4 coupes. One of the largest BMW dealerships in North America is located in San Antonio, Texas. It currently has an inventory of nine M4s. But some offer explanations.

San Antonio BMW M4 inventory
San Antonio BMW M4 inventory

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One explanation is that most people don’t buy $90,000 BMWs off of lots. They special order them. And the 289 figure represents over 400 BMW dealerships in the US, so it averages out to far less than one M4 per dealer. Some dealers still have 2020 M3s and M4s so they may be a bit hesitant in ordering the new and improved M4 when it still has the old version. 

Another poster claims to know that in So Cal, where he says most M models are sold more than anyplace in the world, dealer-built floor models don’t last 24 hours. However, that belies what our cursory search in So Cal indicates; remember Crevier? So we don’t know if this is just a fanboy or he actually has inside info that the dealer websites aren’t indicating? 

Is Tesla really biting into BMW sales?

Whatever is going on from looking at websites, which should be up to date, there are lots of 2021 M4 coupes to choose from. Maybe it is just the initial surge of deliveries that are adding more models to dealers? Or, maybe it is just that Tesla really is biting into BMW sales? 

But from the beginning, we have been more than disappointed in the massive grille bonked onto the front of certain BMW models. And BMW has been very aggressive in doubting, shaming, and explaining why it is the best thing since the Bangle Butt on 7-Series sedans. Oh wait, maybe that wasn’t the best comparison. 

What do you think-is it us or does the beaver tooth grille turn you off?