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Boats taking famous car cues and details for their designs have been happening for decades. This is only the latest, a boat designed to look like a 911 Porsche. Whether you like it or hate it, you’ll never forget seeing it. But this 16-foot pontoon boat is a one-off, and not affiliated with Porsche at all

Porsche jet boat
Porsche jet boat | BAT

So you’ll never see another one, which is either good or bad depending on whether you think it is whimsical or blasphemy. But the level of quality and simplicity of the execution makes it look like a production boat. A floating Porsche. 

Does the Porsche boat have a 911 engine?

It started out as a 1996 Craig Craft 168 Boss. Unfortunately, none of them had Porsche power. This one features a swapped-out GM 4.3-liter V6 engine. This happened last year. It only has three hours run on this engine. At least the engine is in the right place relative to production Porsches. 

Porsche jet boat
Porsche jet boat Berkeley jet drive | BAT

The V6 powers a Berkeley 12JE jet drive that features a hydraulically-actuated reverser. We would expect to see a Porsche boat with a prop instead of it being a jet boat. Alas, that isn’t the case here. 

The boat does look like a Porsche, why?

Porsche jet boat
Porsche jet boat | BAT

But the Porsche-ness of the boat is unmistakable. The headlights, and how they tail back to the door are 911 for sure. So too is the indent in the hood. And if you needed more of a hint, there is the Porsche crest right up front. We hope the new owner doesn’t get a cease-and-desist order from Stuttgart to remove it.

Porsche jet boat
Porsche jet boat 4.3-liter GM V6 | BAT

From the rear, the changes look more like 718-ish than 911, but it still screams Porsche. Those side mirrors and especially the windshield and its surround look like they came straight off of a 911. And though it isn’t very Porsche-like, the black and yellow theme throughout the boat does look good. Plus the block-lettered gold “Porsche” on the dash should help enlighten those who know it looks like some kind of car but don’t know which one. 

What about the amidship details?

Porsche jet boat
Porsche jet boat | BAT

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Want to learn more? Inside, an audio system is built-in into the cockpit. There are also two tie-downs and a ski pylon in the middle of the rear deck, for those looking to do more than cruising or fishing. Two bucket seats accommodate the helm and spotter, with room for two more behind them. And the layout, as we said, is pure Porsche 911, with the engine in the back and trunk in front. 

Should this Porsche boat interest you, it is currently on Bring a Trailer. Bids are up to $16,000, as of August 25th. The price includes the white single-axle Shore Land’r trailer, which complements the boat, especially towed behind a Macan or Cayenne. The auction ends in four days. For the Porschephile that has everything, this would definitely be a great addition to any collection. 

Updated August 29, 2022