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You may want to do some due diligence before flat-towing your Ford Bronco behind your RV or mobile home. While the Bronco is rated for flat towing from the factory, some owners of 2021 and 2022 Broncos have hit snags that kept them from hitting the road. 

An electronic brake booster problem can sideline 2021-2022 Broncos

Front end of a black Ford Bronco on a red rock off-road trail.
Ford Bronco | Ford Motor Company

Ford Authority reports a common problem with the electronic brake booster (EBB) that can prevent flat towing with the 2021-2022 Bronco. Fortunately, the owners and posters at the Bronco Nation online forum have devised a workaround solution. 

It’s a relatively complex, multi-step process, including inducing sleep mode and pulling fuses. But according to the forum post, the procedure allows you to install and use a supplemental braking system successfully. 

Reporting from both Bronco Nation and Ford Authority says that Ford itself was developing a software fix for the Bronco flat towing issue. 

What is flat towing? 

An RV parked at a gas station with an SUV hooked up behind for flat towing.
RV Flat Tows an SUV | Paul Harris, Getty Imags

Flat towing refers to towing a small car or SUV behind an RV or motorhome with all four wheels on the ground. This practice requires no trailer – just a tow bar attachment for the passenger vehicle. 

Flat towing is popular with many RV travelers because it allows them to have more convenient transportation once their home on wheels is parked at a park or campground. After setting up camp, reaching activities or taking care of errands with a small runabout is much easier. 

As Edmunds explains, you shouldn’t flat tow all cars. Most modern automatic transmissions and CVTs aren’t good for the practice and may get damaged. Four-wheel drive vehicles with manual, mechanical transfer cases or cars with manual transmissions can usually serve flat tow duty. 

Is the Ford Bronco good for towing behind an RV?

The rear end of a Ford Bronco with its hatch opened to display off-road gear. A rocky desert landscape surrounds.
Ford Bronco | Ford Motor Company

Yes – the Ford Bronco has flat towing capability. It makes sense that Ford designed the Bronco for flat-tow duty since its archrival Jeep Wrangler is among the few new vehicles that can also do the task. The Bronco uses an old-school mechanical transfer case, allowing it to tag along behind an RV without substantial risk for drivetrain damage. 

There’s also the benefit of having a vehicle that’s actually fun to drive once you’ve parked your RV. Instead of a ho-hum compact car, you can drive a Ford Bronco to national parks, scenic roadways, and off-road trails. Or, you can drive your Bronco to the nearest convenience store to pick up items you forgot back at home. 


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