Fisker Ocean Gets Extreme Off-Road Package

Fisker is expected to have copies of its Ocean SUV on the streets in 2022. Between now and then, expect to have more information being revealed about the vehicle to raise public awareness. To that end, yesterday, both Henrik Fisker and Fisker, Inc released on their respective Twitter accounts information about a new trim package that will be available on the Ocean.

Company history

Fisker Automotive may be a name that has slipped off of many people’s minds. Some may recall that Fisker made the Karma, a slick all-electric plug-in hybrid. It debuted in 2008 at the North American International Auto show. But that company struggled until the tooling and manufacturing facility were bought by a Chinese firm in 2014. It was then renamed Karma Automotive.

Fisker Ocean Force E
Fisker Ocean equipped with the Force E package | Fisker, Inc.

Henrik Fisker still owned the trademark however, and re-launched a new company called Fisker, Inc. in 2016. Since then, his team has been hard at work in creating the Ocean all-electric vehicle. On Tuesday, Mr. Fisker and Fisker, Inc both announced on their Twitter accounts that the new SUV, which has a planned delivery timeline of 2022, will also have an extreme off-road package.

Front of the Fisker Ocean Force E
Fisker Ocean equipped with the Force E package | Fisker, Inc.

The Force E package

The new trim level is called the Force E trim. It looks like an Ocean but in a more muscular way. The appearance of the Force E package seems to dress up the Ocean with a small lift kit, pronounced fender flares, knobby off-road tires, beadlock wheels, a brush guard, front tow hooks, roof-mounted cargo rack, a tow hitch, extra lighting, and a spare tire resting in a depression of the hood, which itself has the center blacked out. The Force E Package will only be available on all-wheel drive configured Ocean models. Base models of the Ocean will be offered at $37,499.

Fisker Ocean - Recycled Materials
A Twitter video review of recycled materials in the Ocean all-electric SUV

Recycled materials and solar power

Fisker’s twitter account claims the SUV uses recycled and vegan materials in its makeup. An examination of the Twitter account reveals video clips with Mr. Fisker describing materials such as recycled t-shirts, plastic bottles, and fishing nets from the sea that have been incorporated into different parts of the Ocean. There is also a pic from above the vehicle that shows its solar roof. So, the company’s proof of its initiative to be one of the most sustainable cars is certainly on display in the Ocean.

Rear of the Fisker Ocean Force E
The Ocean equipped with the Force E package | Fisker, Inc.

Not the first time

The California carmaker of the all-electric vehicle has a long climb ahead to get these vehicles produced and sold. But Mr. Fisker is no stranger to the process. He spent years getting acquainted with the legalities, process, and other paperwork and supply concerns before the first Karmas went out the door. Now, with a little more experience under his belt, he is pushing his new company ahead, even during a global economic shutdown due to a pandemic. Granted, the shutdown is starting to show some signs of revival overseas, but the economic climate is still unsteady, at best.

Fisker Ocean Force E
Fisker Ocean equipped with the Force E package | Fisker, Inc.

The Force E package will make the Ocean more attractive to rescue services, park police, and other institutions that need the capability to handle questionable terrain. It will also probably win fans from electric vehicle communities as well, although Tesla, Hummer, Rivian, Bollinger, and others are in the same space. So, it will definitely be an uphill climb to get the Ocean out there in the market. But the Force-E package will certainly grab the attraction of many buyers when it arrives.