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Electric vehicle announcements have been coming in fast from all sorts of automakers recently. But while some of these future EVs are still some years away, others promise—or rather claim—to be right around the corner. One of these, in fact, is scheduled to make an LA debut: the Fisker Ocean electric crossover/SUV.

The Fisker Ocean electric crossover is set for a 2021 LA Auto Show appearance

A low-angle front 3/4 view of an orange Fisker Ocean prototype on a beach
Fisker Ocean prototype low-angle front 3/4 | Fisker

When Fisker first showed the Ocean prototype at the start of 2020, the EV company claimed that the production version wouldn’t debut until late 2021. Since then, Fisker has announced plans to build additional EVs, including a pickup truck. But these other models will have to wait because the Ocean is headed to production first. And based on Fisker’s recent announcement, the electric crossover appears to be on schedule. Well, kind of.

Firstly, the production-spec Fisker Ocean will make a late 2021 debut at this year’s LA Auto Show on November 17th, InsideEVs says. After that, Fisker plans to open several ‘experience centers’ in the US and Europe while it tests production prototypes. And if all goes as planned, full Ocean production will start on November 17th, 2022, at Magna Steyr’s Austrian facility. That last name should ring familiar to off-road fans, as it’s the same company responsible for vehicles like the G-Wagon.

The reason the Fisker Ocean is ‘kind of’ on schedule is that the electric crossover was originally supposed to launch in late 2021. But several months after the first prototype debuted at CES 2020, Fisker delayed the launch until “late 2022,” Roadshow explains.

What do we know so far about the Fisker Ocean EV?

An overhead rear 3/4 view of an orange Fisker Ocean prototype on oceanside bluffs
Fisker Ocean prototype overhead rear 3/4 | Fisker

Fisker says it plans to reveal the Ocean EV’s full production specs at the 2021 LA Auto Show. We do know the electric crossover will be built on Magna’s EV architecture. But as of this writing, Fisker’s website lists no official horsepower, torque, range, ground clearance, or ride height details.

It does say, though, the Ocean will offer AWD, a 16” center touchscreen, 9.8” digital gauge cluster, a heads-up display, and standard 20” wheels. The electric crossover will also offer a full-length solar-panel roof, a vegan interior with fully-recycled carpeting and ‘eco-suede,’ and a driver-assistance suite. Plus, Fisker says the Ocean will have an optional tow bar, roof rails, third-row seating, and 22” wheels. And during the EV’s CES 2020 reveal, the company claimed it offered an 80-kWh battery pack with a 250-300-mile range.

However, since then CEO Henrik Fisker has tweeted several updated claims about the Ocean, Motor1 notes. In 2020, he said the EV would get a dedicated off-road package. And later that same year he claimed Fisker was going off-road racing. Then, in June 2021, he said that the Ocean would offer over 545 hp in two-motor, AWD form. The ‘base’ model, though, will likely have a single motor and roughly 300 hp, Autoblog says.

Can you still pre-order/reserve one?

As of this writing, Fisker claims that it’s received 17,300 “paid reservations” for the Ocean, InsideEVs reports. In addition, the company says over 62,000 “hand-raisers” for the $37,499 EV.

Reserving an Ocean costs $250, plus a 10% administrative fee. That fee is non-refundable, though the deposit is cancellable. And yes, the company is still taking reservations. But if you want to wait until you know more about the Ocean, you won’t have to wait long.

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