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The Tesla Model Y dominates all other electric crossover SUVs, as it’s by far the best-selling vehicle in the segment. However, there is a plethora of new crossover EVs that aim to topple the Model Y from its throne. This includes the first-ever Fisker Ocean, which recently made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Of all the electric crossovers, the Ocean could have the best chance to be a Model Y killer. Find out why in this 2023 Fisker Ocean vs. 2022 Tesla Model Y comparison.

2023 Fisker Ocean vs. 2022 Tesla Model Y: Price

Orange 2023 Fisker Ocean parked in front of a lifeguard tower
2023 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

One of the biggest reasons why the 2023 Fisker Ocean could be a more successful crossover EV than the Model Y is its more affordable price. The base-level Ocean Sport trim costs $37,499, while the base-level Model Y Long Range trim costs $57,990.

Ocean vs. Model Y: Driving range

Red 2022 Tesla Model Y driving on a curvy road
2022 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

A frequent concern for EVs is range anxiety — or the fear of an electric car running out of battery power before you can return home or reach a charging station. The Fisker Ocean addresses this with a driving range of up to 350 miles. In comparison, the Tesla Model Y has a driving range of up to 326 miles.

Ocean vs. Model Y: Horsepower and acceleration

The dual-motor system in the Ocean generates an output of 550 hp, compared to 384 hp for the Model Y. For acceleration, the Ocean and Model Y have similar 0-60 mph times, with it as low as 3.6 seconds for the Ocean and 3.5 seconds for the Model Y. When you factor in the considerably lower price of the Ocean, this high-level performance makes it a bargain.

Ocean vs. Model Y: Unique technologies with California Mode and rotating touchscreen

Another thing that separates the Ocean from the Model Y is its unique technologies. It has a rotating touchscreen that switches between a landscape and portrait position. Also, the Ocean features an innovative California Mode. When activating California Mode, the Ocean transforms into a convertible by retracting the side windows, rear glass, and roof.

Ocean vs. Model Y: Environmental sustainability

Another reason why the Ocean could be a Model Y killer is the emphasis that Fisker has on environmental sustainability. Many of the buyers of electric vehicles are people that are passionate about protecting the environment, and Fisker makes this a bigger element of its brand than Tesla. Fisker gave the Ocean its name because of its aim to protect the ocean. Also, the Ocean features recycled fishing nets and other plastics. 

In recent years, the luster of Elon Musk and Tesla waned in the eyes of many environmentalists. Part of this is Musk’s callous attitude toward lithium, which is used for EV car batteries. Unfortunately, lithium mining causes air pollution and contaminates the soil and water. Also, lithium is predominantly mined from poor countries, such as Bolivia, where lithium miners live in poverty. Musk was accused of trying to destabilize the Bolivian government to secure its huge reserves of lithium after he tweeted that “We will coup whoever we want.”

2023 Fisker Ocean vs. 2022 Tesla Model Y: Which crossover EV is better?

As you can see in our 2023 Fisker Ocean vs. 2022 Tesla Model Y comparison, there are many reasons why the Ocean could be a Model Y killer. This includes a more affordable price, better driving range, higher horsepower output, similar acceleration, unique technologies, and greater emphasis on environmental sustainability.


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