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The electric SUV segments continue to receive more new entries each year. Some of these nameplates are more familiar, such as the Hyundai Kona and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. We’ve also seen new contenders like the Fisker Ocean and the Toyota bZ4X.

Unlike its rivals, Fisker doesn’t have a solid customer base in any market yet. Even so, the Fisker Ocean has received several thousands of preorders. Could this indicate increased or expedited Ocean SUV production?

A dark blue Fisker Ocean parked indoors, which the Ocean SUV production has been increased.
Fisker Ocean | Getty Images

The Fisker Ocean is a compact electric SUV, standard with a single motor and an FWD drivetrain. The base Sport trim is capable of 275 hp, and the automaker says you’ll hit 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. The Ultra and Extreme trims come with AWD and can produce 540 and 550 hp, respectively.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme also promises to be the quickest model, reaching 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The Ocean’s drivetrain will also determine its available range, as Sport FWD models should get 250 miles. With the Ultra or Extreme model, Fisker says you’ll get between 340-350 miles of range.

Those estimates are still pending the EPA’s approval, and we don’t know how fast the batteries can recharge. What’s certain is that the two upper trims will have solar roof panels to juice up the battery as you drive. These models can also be outfitted with bigger, performance-oriented tires.

On the inside, the Fisker Ocean can seat up to five passengers on seats made with strictly vegan materials. Fisker has not revealed any details about the Ocean’s cargo capacity or interior dimensions.

The Ocean’s interior floor and the rest of its cabin components are also sustainably produced. The cabin includes a massive 17-inch vertical touchscreen and a smaller horizontal screen that serves as the gauge cluster.

On the Extreme and Ultra models, the touchscreen can be swiveled horizontally. Each Ocean has a panoramic sunroof, but only the upper trims have the extra California mode function. This allows you to lower the SUV’s side and rear glass panels simultaneously as the roof panel.

A Harmon/Kardon stereo system comes standard in the Sport and Ultra Oceans. The Fisker Ocean Extreme receives a 16-speaker HyperSound audio setup. Every trim also has important safety features, like front/side collision warning and automatic emergency braking.

Fisker considers increasing Ocean SUV production levels

According to CarScoops, Fisker had initially only planned to make 50,000 Ocean units each year. After the Fisker Ocean One was announced last summer, 5,000 reservations were made within the same month. This limited edition model comes with a handful of exclusive features, including a unique interior color and wheel design.

Fisker has received 58,000 pre-orders for the first run of Ocean SUVs. Fisker is confident that the Ocean will have 80,000 orders by the end of this year. Given that prediction, Fisker will likely have no choice but to ramp up production and keep customers happy.

Will the Fisker Ocean live up to its hype?

The Ocean is Fisker’s first SUV, so we’re not sure how well it will live up to its performance promises. While the Fisker Karma had promising powertrain specs and a unique interior, it was riddled with problems. Battery issues and fire reports tarnished Karma’s reputation, and Fisker Automotive was disbanded shortly after.

Fortunately, Henrik Fisker seems to have a better business strategy regarding Fisker Inc.’s new lineup. After the release of the Ocean, the automaker plans to release the smaller Pear SUV as a 2024 model. We should have more details about the Ocean’s real-world performance after it enters production later this year.


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