Fisker Discloses EV Product Plans Through 2025, Includes Pickup

Fisker will have an IPO by the end of this year. That means a supply of funding necessary to put the new all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV into production. But, it seems the automaker has more up its sleeves. Fisker disclosed plans to add three more models before the close of 2025, including a pickup.

The Fisker electric lineup of four vehicles is displayed. The fourth is a pickup in the background under a veil.
The Fisker 2025 lineup of electric models. | Fisker Inc.

Electric pickup segment getting crowded

The electric pickup segment has certainly been heating up lately. There are more than a half dozen manufacturers that are going to introduce them in the next two years. Bollinger, Ford, Hummer, Lordstown, Nikola, Rivian, and Tesla will invade the space quickly with their pickup offerings. Now comes word that they are not the only ones.  

In a tweet post on Thursday, Henrik Fisker, the founder of Fisker, Inc., showed an image with a total of four models. The Ocean model is in the foreground and is the one the company has been championing in recent months through social media and a presentation at CES. But, the other three models are surprises. The one furthest to the rear is the most interesting. It is the silhouette of a pickup. The tweet is below.

The introduction of the electric Fisker pickup may be further than two years out, however. The tweet says, “Our product plan until 2025!!” The three other models in the tweet show well-defined renderings of vehicles, which implies that they are closer to a public debut. The pickup, however, is veiled, suggesting that there is some development time needed to work the details out. But that is speculative, of course. 

Fisker Ocean Force E
Fisker Ocean equipped with the Force E package | Fisker, Inc.

The other Fisker vehicles

As mentioned earlier, there were a total of four vehicles in the tweet. The Ocean is in the foreground. Behind the Ocean and to the left is a rendering of what looks like a shorter SUV or crossover. It has a more aggressive, sporty flavor than the Ocean. To the rear right of the Ocean is a what appears to be a sedan with butterfly doors. 

The Ocean racing SUV is seen from the front passenger side. The modified platform has race decals and special fenders.
The Fisker Ocean electric racing SUV | Fisker Inc.

Fisker goes racing

The company also announced this week that it is in final negotiations to go racing. It will join other electric manufacturers in and electric championship series that will be held in five locations around the world. In essence, Fisker has taken a page from Porshe and Ferrari by taking their product to the races in order to fine-tune it.  

The rear of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV race truck. The rear orange skid plate says Fisker
The Fisker Ocean electric SUV | Fisker Inc.

Sustainable and recycled materials are a cornerstone of Fisker

The tweet mentioned before, and the racing plans together show that Fisker, although a young company, has large aspirations. It took Tesla more than five years to introduce four models. Fisker wants to do so by the end of 2025. The twist is that Fisker wants to bring vehicles that have a large composition of sustainable or recycled materials. Other manufacturers have the same goal. For this automaker, however, it is one of the cornerstones of the business model. So, this might appeal to a much broader consumer demographic, one that is interested not just in electric power, but a greener agenda as a whole. 


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Having said all of that, as a leader, Henrik Fisker has cast an aggressive vision. That vision certainly shows that the auto manufacturer will not sit still and become a one-hit-wonder. The company will also have shareholders to satisfy now as it is being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. So, forward is the only cadence being chanted at the moment, and indeed, the only cadence that should be. The pickup is coming.