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Fisker is relatively new to the EV world, but its planned vehicles show great promise. The 2023 Fisker Ocean is suppose to be released first as an affordable two-row SUV with multiple electric powertrain options. Less is known about the 2024 Fisker Pear. The Pear is said to be a subcompact SUV with similar styling as the Ocean.

Preorders for the limited-edition Fisker Ocean One have already sold out, prompting Fisker to open more reservations for standard models. However, some customers noticed that the status of their orders changed soon after confirming their reservations. Fisker’s latest update is sure to set minds at ease.

What is Fisker?

People will soon be getting their Fisker Ocean orders like this light blue one parked indoors.
Fisker Ocean | Getty Images

Automotive designer Henrik Fisker founded Fisker in 2007 alongside several other investors and a Fisker Coachbuild partner. The company’s most well-known venture is likely the Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid sports sedan released for the 2011 model year. While only 52 miles of range, its 403-hp turbo-four engine provides excellent acceleration.

Unfortunately, with Karma’s limited availability and high price point, few drivers got to experience driving one. Fisker would also run into many financial problems and lawsuits soon after the Karma’s release. After Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2014, Henrik Fisker revived the company as Fisker, Inc. two years later.

Updated order statuses for the Fisker Ocean

Last week, Fisker announced that it had changed the status of all Fisker Ocean One reservations from “Pre-order” to “Order.” Customers were informed via email about the change, and Fisker assured them that no action was required on their part. Fisker didn’t provide any additional information about the change, but it’s a good sign that the Ocean’s production timeline is still on track.

The team at Fiskerati was more confused about the status of their second Fisker Ocean reservation. The pre-order date was changed to the exact date that the site ordered its Fisker One model. A blue exclamation mark also appeared next to the order, with no way to remove it.

Fisker also didn’t charge Fiskerati’s team for the full pre-order fee. Thankfully, Fisker confirmed that all of these hiccups were due to technical issues while updating the Ocean order interfaces. The automaker assures customers that these will be fixed in the coming weeks.

If you ordered an Ocean from the second round, you should see ‘Confirmed’ in place of ‘Order’ on your reservation page. Some customers’ reservations were also updated to reflect the trim level selected. We suspect that these modifications are also part of Fisker’s ongoing website updates.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming Fisker Ocean

Now that Fisker has quelled some preorder anxieties, customers can look forward to receiving their Ocean SUVs. While some details have yet to be confirmed, we know it has two different battery options. The one paired with AWD gets 350 miles of range, while the FWD version gets 250 miles.

A dual-motor Fisker Ocean can also have up to 540 hp and might hit 60 mph within 3-4 seconds. Single-motor Sport models only have 275 hp, but they’re the cheapest options at $40,000. 20-inch wheels are standard, and the Ocean has a minimum towing capacity of 2,040 pounds. AWD models have a 4,000-pound towing capacity.

22-inch wheels, a Harmon/Kardon stereo system, and roof-mounted solar panels are also on the list of options. Each Fisker Ocean comes with a 17-inch center touchscreen, which can be rotated on certain trims.

Top Electric SUV predicts that Fisker Ocean production will officially start in November. Fisker has promised to deliver each Fisker One order by next September.


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