First the Bronco Warthog, Now the Tesla Wolverine?

What is with the W named SUVs? First, we saw the possible Ford Bronco Warthog jumping dunes, and now the Tesla Wolverine is surfacing? The Tesla Cybertruck Wolverine could be the next Elon Musk project, but what is it? 

What is the Tesla Cybertruck Wolverine? 

During the Tesla Battery Day, Elon Musk mentioned a tight wolverine, which is a little confusing. What’s a tight wolverine? Well, apparently, it could refer to a smaller version of the Tesla Cybertruck for international markets. 

Tesla Cybertruck driving out of the bright light
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Meaning we might not get the midsize or compact Tesla Cybertruck option in America, which is upsetting. Full-size trucks can bring about challenges while off-roading due to their larger size. The longer wheelbases can make it difficult to crawl over rocks, and the extra width may not fit on narrower trails. 

Also, international markets prefer more compact options. Musk mentioned that he envisions Tesla Cybertruck orders to reach 250,00 to 300,000 units in the U.S., but he didn’t mention how many units he thinks worldwide interest will support. A smaller Tesla Cybertruck could increase the total truck volume sold internationally. 

But where did Tesla Wolverine come from? 

We know that the Tesla Wolverine refers to a tighter package, but why did Elon Musk pick the wolverine instead of a different animal? Could he be a comic book fan? If so, Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine is pretty tough. 

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Also, wolverines are small, tough critters that survive in challenging wilderness environments. The Tesla Cybertruck is aimed at being the ultimate off-roading adventurer.

While the Wolverine character has a rigid, indestructible skeleton made of fictional adamantium metal and fearsome claws, real wolverines have sharp claws too. 

Maybe Elon Musk sees the Tesla Cybertruck for being just as tough to wolverines and the comic book character because it has an alloy metal chassis. This isn’t the first time Elon Musk has mentioned building a smaller Cybertruck, either. He tweeted that there would likely be a smaller option.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The current Tesla Cybertruck is about the size of the Ford F-150 and is larger than the Rivian R1T. Meanwhile, some of the most successful international trucks include the mid-sized Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux, which is similar to the Tacoma. 

What is the Ford Bronco Warthog? 

The Ford Bronco Warthog is the possible new racing variant for the Baja 1000. Instead of the Raptor, we could see the Warthog emerge with a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, 400 hp, and a specialized off-roading suspension. 

Ford Bronco prototype teaser catching air
Ford Bronco prototype teaser | Ford

But why did Ford pick the name Warthog? There is a warthog in the Lion King. In the spy shots, the possible Ford Bronco Warthog is flying through the air, and we aren’t sure if warthogs can fly. They are shorter animals with lower tusks used for defense, not for actively attacking anyone. 

Warthogs don’t have the most attractive look either as their heads are covered with warts, so is the new Ford Bronco racer meant to be ugly? Will its structure provides more protection to outlast competitors in a harsh, desert-like environment? 

2021 Ford Bronco kicking sand in the desert
2021 Ford Bronco kicking sand in the desert

Trucks and SUVs are starting to leave us with way too many questions. At least the Hummer EV crab mode is easy to figure out. It allows the massive SUV to move from side to side, like a crab. Seeing that in off-roading action will be pretty neat.