First Impressions: 2021 Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman, the largest option in the entire Mini lineup just got a facelift for 2021. When the Countryman was first introduced in 2010, fans were pretty stunned. Practicality was never the main selling point of the Mini but the Countryman was specially made for practical buyers. The Countryman competes with other crossover SUVs like the Chevy Trailblazer and Audi Q3. Take a look and see what the Countryman has to offer for 2021.


When it comes to style, the Countryman has always been on point. Because of this, Mini has taken the if-it’s-not-broke-don’t-fix-it approach by only making minor changes to the Countryman’s exterior. The 2021 model has been updated with a flashier grille, sleeker front and rear bumpers, as well as revamped alloy wheels.

In 2021, Mini’s signature  Union Jack headlights and taillights are now standard on the Countryman. To make this Mini even spicier, you now also have the option to add on the carmaker’s Piano Black Grille package for an “all-black-look”. Additionally, you can pick from two new colors: Sage Green Metallic and White Silver Metallic.


Performance-wise, nothing has changed for the Countryman in 2021. Although, the Countryman presents a variety of performance options that can be overwhelming to choose from. There are four trim levels that ultimately determine your driving experience: the Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper SE, and John Cooper Works.

The Cooper variant is the cheapest option and comes with a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine that makes 134 horsepower. If that’s not enough power, we totally understand. By going up to the Cooper S trim, you get a zippier 2.0-liter, four-cylinder that offers a satisfying 189 hp. This option is ideal for adequate power and fuel efficiency. 

If you are looking for an even more fuel-efficient option, then you will want to go up to the SE version which is the hybrid option. The hybridized Countryman features the same three-cylinder engine on the standard model but it’s paired with an electric motor. The SE trim generates a 224 hp and can drive on battery power alone for 17 miles.

For the most power available on the Countryman, there’s the John Cooper Works model option. The JCW trim is fitted with a 301-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. 

On the inside

Not much has changed to the interior of the Countryman for 2021, but Mini has decided to revive the blue leather upholstery option as well as introduce a new brown leather option. The available space on the inside of Countryman is still one of its most appealing aspects.

A drawback of the Mini lineup is that not much comes standard as far as infotainment features go. Apple CarPlay costs extra and Android Auto isn’t an option at all. On the plus side though, a new 8.8 touchscreen is now available on each Countryman model and Amazon Alexa is a brand new feature for 2021 also.

To help prevent accidents, the Countryman comes standard with forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Unfortunately, no other desirable advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring are purchasable on the Countryman.

The final verdict

The 2021 Countryman is appealing because of its updated look and slight infotainment upgrades and will be available for sale later this summer. However, since they are no big changes and its powertrain options are the same, you might want to explore deals on the 2020 version or even consider buying a 2019 model.