First-Gen Acura NSX Owners May Soon Have the Option of a Full Restoration

The first-generation Acura NSX is easily one of the most coveted and sought-after Japanese supercars from the 90s. Those lucky enough to currently own one know that it can be tough to find OEM replacement parts, however, Acura is currently considering a full restoration program for the NSX at its Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) plant in Ohio.

Restoration is popular in Japan

The first news of the pending Acura NSX restoration program broke when Tire Meets Road published a story saying that Acura is currently gauging the owner’s interest in it. The NSX refresh program has been in place in Japan for the past 10 years and it’s so popular that there is a year-long waiting list and they are no longer accepting new applications. So it’s a no-brainer that Acura would consider offering the same service for NSX owners stateside.

The topic initially came up during the 2020 NSXPO virtual meetup on Zoom, in which John Watts, Acura’s senior manager of the NSX team, stated:

“We have research going out to 2,000 people (First gen NSX owners) in the United States asking their level of interest in the overall idea of a refresh plan and then looking at the packages as to the level of interest in specific packages. We’re trying to see if there’s an appetite for this type of service in the United States, and it seems as though there is.”

1995 Acura NSX-T | Acura

Even the price of entry is steep

Although the NSX is built by Honda, it’s by no means cheap to repair. So it’s no wonder that the restoration program will cost a pretty penny, and that’s only for the cost of entry, as the basic application fee costs $1,200 and the price of services goes up from there. For example, an air conditioning system rebuild is listed at $8,400, while a complete suspension overhaul would set you back around $21,000 to $24,000. We’re not talking about matchbox cars here, after all.

If an owner wants to completely restore their NSX, then it would cost around $141,300 for a total rebuild to OEM spec. Tire Meets Road also reported that since the restorations would be carried out at the Honda PMC plant, “no request is out of the question.”

“If you wanted to mix it up and apply a second gen color on a first gen car or potentially a purple or something else, that’s something that could be done here. We have the paint capability at PMC,” Watts said.

2005 Acura NSX
2005 Acura NSX | Acura

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Is it worth the cost?

While many Acura NSX owners might be drooling while thinking about the pristine OEM parts that can be masterfully replaced by the master technicians at Honda’s fabled plant, any non-NSX owners might think the restoration program sounds like an overpriced venture.

But considering how rare it is to find, let alone own, a superbly clean example of a first-generation NSX, we think that it’s technically the chance of a lifetime. Now, if only we could afford to buy a first-gen NSX with an extra $141,000 to spare.