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Today Jeep revealed what its first all-electric model will look like. And what it looks like is a somewhat updated Jeep Compass. So the question becomes: Is this a real Jeep? And the answer: It depends.

Does it matter how this electric Jeep looks if it performs?

A lot of what makes a Jeep a Jeep is its off-road prowess. Because even if this all-new electric Jeep looks more like a Compass, if it can gobble up the roads less-traveled, then what it looks like almost becomes secondary. But at first glance, it does look more like a cross between a VW ID.4 and an Amarok pickup truck. 

2023 VW Amarok
2023 VW Amarok | VW

The reveal comes upon news that Stellantis will develop 75 new EVs across its 14 brands, of which Jeep is only one. And it comes on the heels of Stellantis CEO Carlos Taveras griping about the costs to manufacture EVs. He says they’re more expensive to produce. We say stick a price on them and let the market decide. That’s what car companies have done for over 100 years.

Stellantis isn’t saying much about this electric Jeep

2023 Electric Jeep
2023 Electric Jeep | Stellantis

But back to the electric Jeep. We were disappointed that the reveal came with not much other information. It will be in dealer showrooms in “early 2023.” However, we don’t know the range, options, one/two motor configurations, really nothing. “This new model will launch during the first half of next year and is the first of a comprehensive fully electric Jeep lineup that will cover every SUV segment by 2025,” says Tavares. 

So every Jeep model should see an all-electric counterpart by 2025 as part of the Stellantis “Dare Forward” electrification goal. But Tavares didn’t elaborate on which model this plugs into. Right now, Jeep makes the 4xe Wrangler and Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrids. That is the extent of its electrification attempts. 

But you can believe that the “tread lightly” mantra will get plenty of play in marketing an all-electric Jeep. No engine or exhaust noise, combined with no carbon footprint, really favors electrified off-roaders. “We are expanding our vision, breaking the limits, and embracing a new mindset, one that seeks to transform all facets of mobility for the betterment of our families, communities, and the societies in which we operate,” Tavares said.

Stellantis has big plans

Stellantis Dare Forward
Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 rollout | Stellantis

The company has set a goal of becoming carbon net-zero by 2038. It also aims to sell five million electric vehicles by 2030. With the announcement of this Jeep EV, it beats the previously announced all-electric Wrangler EV by a year. 

These Dare Forward 2030 announcements and more came from a global press presentation from the Netherlands. It touched on all of the electric and technology talking points the other automakers have been pronouncing. So Stellantis, and especially Tavares, are coming to electric enlightenment, albeit kicking and screaming. 


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