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Electric vehicles are here to stay. The Los Angeles Fire Department celebrated the arrival of the first electric fire truck in America, a Rosenbauer RTX. RTX stands for “revolutionary technology,” which this electric fire truck is full of. Ordered back in 2020, the Rosenbauer RTX is one of the most exciting electric vehicles slated for arrival in 2022.

The Rosenbauer RTX is the country’s first electric fire truck, but not the last

The first electric fire truck, a Rosenbauer RTX, joined the LAFD
The Rosenbauer RTX electric fire truck | Rosenbauer

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) announced that it had taken delivery of its first electric fire truck this week. The Los Angeles Daily News says the Rosenbauer RTX electric truck will live at LAFD Station 82 in Hollywood. The LAFD ordered the RTX in 2020, as did the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District. That truck is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2023.

Rosenbauer is an Austrian-based manufacturing company specializing in “tools and equipment for firefighters.” The truck was supposed to arrive last year, but the company faced many complications due to the supply chain issues and COVID-19 delays.

When the LAFD purchased the electric fire truck, there were only three others like it in the world. Berlin, Amsterdam, and Dubai have been running the Rosenbauer RTX electric truck for a bit. As it stands right now, it is the only fully-electric fire truck in the USA.

The electric fire truck has dual electric motors and a diesel engine, just in case

LAFD Chief Kristin M. Crowley said she hopes the electric fire truck is the start to a greener future for the city.

“The new electric fire engine is an excellent platform for our department to test the future of alternative energy … and allows our department to pursue a green path forward.”

Kristin M. Crowley | LAFD Chief

The truck maker describes the Rosenbauer RTX as a “revolutionary innovation.” Rosenbauer’s driving performance is listed as 360 kW peak or 260 kW continuous, which is equal to 490 hp or 350 hp. The RTX has seats for seven, all-wheel drive, and dual-electric motors. It has two Volvo Penta totaling 132 kWh of power, plus a 3.0L BMW clean diesel engine with 300 hp just in case. Rosenbauer calls this a range extender. The electric fire truck will also get an onboard diesel generator than can help in emergencies.

You can expect to see another one soon at the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District


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The base cost for the Rosenbauer RTX is around $900,000. After the LAFD customized some bits of the truck, the price came in at $1.2 million. The engine will shut off when the electric truck comes to a standstill, but the rest of the critical equipment will be battery-powered. That means the truck will be quieter than usual, so crews can focus.

The LAFD ensured the Rosenbauer RTX was painted bright red to keep the traditional look of a fire truck. This first truck will help serve as a testing truck for crews to see how it performs, especially in some of the more narrow streets in the area. Rancho Cucamonga Fire District is next up to take delivery of an RTX, so keep your eyes peeled if you live in the area.