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The 2023 Chevy Corvette has only been in production for a few weeks. So the Corvette involved in this crash has to be one of the first ones. But this could have been the end of the line for it. The crash, outside of Austin, Texas, looks bad, but we don’t know if the insurance adjusters will consider it totaled? Even so, it will one day be plying the highways and byways once again.

Where did this Corvette crash happen?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette crash | CF

The crash happened in the twisty hills of Mt. Bonnell. Because of the limited images, which were first shown on Corvette Forum, we can’t tell if the damage extended to the passenger side, and undercarriage. But it obviously hit an outcropping and slammed into the ditch. 

The shut lines, from what we can see, look pretty consistent. If they weren’t, this would be an indication of chassis damage affecting door, hood, trunk, and roof panel alignment. Regardless of whether the chassis is doinked, it will need a new fascia, a left front fender, and maybe a driver’s door. Oh, and replacing much of the front suspension. If that is the extent of the damage then this won’t be a total, but it will be expensive nonetheless. 

When did 2023 Corvette production begin?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette crash | CF

Corvette 2023 production began one month ago in Bowling Green. It was meant to start earlier but may have been pushed back due to a production pause in April. Production for the 2023 Z06 has not started, and there’s no announced timeline from Chevy.

That, however, hasn’t kept dealers from tacking on excessive premiums for buyers who have placed orders already. Like over $100,000 premiums in some instances. Supposedly, GM has warned dealers not to do this, but there appear not to be any repercussions so far. 

What about the 70th Anniversary Edition production?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette crash | CF

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Also, orders for the 70th Anniversary Edition have not opened yet. There are supply chain issues related to the unique 19-inch wheels. When it is ready to order, these are the special features in the package:

  • 19-inch front/20-inch rear 20-spoke Carbon Flash-painted forged aluminum wheels with Red stripe (Q9A)
  • Edge Red-painted calipers (J6N)
  • Rear fascia/roof storage protector in Black, with embroidered crossed flags logo (VTB)
  • Ceramic White leather seating surfaces with red stitching (HV1)
  • Torch Red seat belt color (3F9)
  • 70th Anniversary premium leather weekend/travel bags (SO1)
  • 70th Anniversary exterior badging and logo on wheel caps, seats, steering wheel, and sill plates
  • Unique VIN sequence
  • LT2 engine cover in Edge Red, (RCC, Coupe body only)

One of the things that don’t change for the 2023 model year is the LT2 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8, as well as the Tremec eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. One thing that does change is the price, with an MSRP that increases by $1,050.