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It’s no secret that car design lacks some of the passion of classic sports cars and muscle cars of years past. However, names like Bertone create hope in the hearts of car enthusiasts who live for the artistic side of vehicle design. Unfortunately, the illustrious Gruppo Bertone declared bankruptcy years ago, even after influencing great cars like the Lancia Stratos and Fiat X1/9. However, the great name is back with a supercar teaser, and we hope it’s not a doomed reboot.  

What is a Bertone car?

Bertone cars are vehicles that the Bertone company styled and designed. While you may not have heard of know much about the design house, the designers have influenced, inspired, and developed some of the most timeless cars in history. For instance, Marcello Gandini, a famous car designer who worked for Bertone, designed the Lamborghini Miura and Lancia Stratos. Moreover, Gruppo Bertone designed the beloved little Fiat X1/9, a people’s sports car with timeless Italian styling. 

Gruppo Bertone started life as Carrozzeria Bertone, an Italian design house and child of Giovanni Bertone. During the company’s tenure, designers like Gandini influenced many of the most stunning sports and supercars. Still, the namesake promised to come back and even teased a new supercar recently.   

Does Bertone still exist?

According to CarThrottle, Gruppo Bertone declared bankruptcy in 2014, and the prospect of a reboot looked bleak. However, Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci are bringing back the beloved Italian design namesake. Moreover, the Ricci Brothers are optimistic about what they’ll be able to do with their experience working on projects with marques like Stellantis, Volkswagen, and Renault. At least for now, it looks like the design lineage responsible for cars like the Fiat X19 and Lamborghini Countach is back and ready to make an impact. 

Better yet, the newly revived marque, on its 110th anniversary, teased a brand new mid-engine supercar. Moreover, the silhouette of the new concept looks like it’s channeling the wedge-shaped aesthetics of Bertone favorites like the Lancia Stratos Zero. That’s exciting news for fans of the Italian design house’s classic work. 

Who designed the Fiat X1/9?

A new supercar from an Italian giant promises to channel the Fiat X19's beloved wedge.
The concept supercar teaser brandishes the iconic B | Bertone

The Fiat X1/9 is an older brainchild of the Bertone design house. However, toward the end of the Fiat X1/9’s tenure, Gruppo Bertone also took over its manufacture. The classic wedge-like sports car shape of the X1/9 is a clear representation of the design house’s aesthetic language. Moreover, the new teaser resembles much of the classic styling that fans of the diminutive sports car love. Of course, the new car will also incorporate modern styling cues like flush-mounted door handles and Cyberpunk-esque lighting. 

Do they still make Fiat X1/9?

The Fiat X19 has a long tradition with Gruppo Bertone.
Bertone X1/9 | Manfred Schmid, Getty Images

Unfortunately, the Fiat X1/9 is no more. However, the new mid-engine Bertone supercar teaser acts as a medium for wedge-shaped favorites of yesteryear. In fact, the design house even used glamor shots of the classic Carabo to prompt the question of what the boutique marque’s next dream car will be. 

Fortunately for car enthusiasts, the namesake’s reboot doesn’t look like a cloak-and-dagger refresh like De Tomaso. Under the creative leadership of the Ricci Brothers, the beloved design giants might be back to produce stunning cars from a boutique operation. 

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