Fiat Made An SUV That You Should Definitely Avoid

Fiat isn’t the most common car manufacturer out there, but they do have some pretty standard vehicle options that you would recognize if you saw them, like the 126 Spyder or the 500 compact coupes. What might surprise you is that Fiat also produced an SUV, the Fiat 500X, and while it might pique your interest, there are some major reasons you should definitely avoid it.

What is the Fiat 500X?

We’ve established that the Fiat 500X is an SUV, but that does little to tell us much else about this almost unheard of vehicle. It doesn’t look much different from the regular Fiat lineup, but instead is just a slightly larger version of the standard 500L sedan.

You can buy a brand new 500x for $24,590 and up to as much as $29,495 fully loaded, a price you might be willing to pay as the standard model lacks many comforts and safety features that you might expect from a brand new SUV.

Fiat 500x SUV
Zoolander No.2 Fan Screening with Fiat 500X | Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for FIAT

The 500X also doesn’t get any exciting upgrades to the engine or transmission, making this sporty-looking car surprisingly dull and even unpleasant to drive. The cabin is not well insulated from road noise, and even at idle the car vibrates uncomfortably.

It is far from the fastest, best driving SUV options in the price range, and while you may not expect to feel like you’re driving a European muscle car you will be disappointed by the engine’s slow and low output.

It has some major downfalls

The Fiat 500X might not be the best choice if you’re looking to buy a new compact SUV. In fact, you might want to consider buying anything else.

The 2020 model year of the 500X has one recall so far, and it is with one component you definitely don’t want to fail: the brakes. A potentially volatile right rear brake caliper has been found to crack due to material defects. When the caliper cracks it compromises the SUV’s ability to brake effectively, potentially causing a crash.

fiat 500x
2020 Fiat 500X is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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This recall can be a serious concern for owners and potential buyers, and it does a lot to reduce the car’s overall reliability score, according to Consumer Reports.

The 500X also lacks standard safety features that can only be added on as options. These safety features include lane departure warning, lane keep assist, or automatic emergency braking. Some features common in other SUVs this year like pedestrian detection aren’t even available as options.

The Fiat 500X isn’t the worst SUV on the market, but there are some valid reasons that should steer you clear of this vehicle.