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Fiat is introducing a brand new model to help keep it alive. The brand has been on its way out for quite some time. The low sales and failure to innovate make it one of the least attractive brands in America. Before it dies out, however, the brand is bringing in an all-new model for a final hoorah.

What is the new Fiat model?

The Fiat automaker brand logo
Fiat logo | MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images

With only a single model left in America, a new model is on the horizon. While it doesn’t look good for Fiat, the CEO of Stellantis Carlos Tavares thinks the Italian automaker still has a shot in the U.S. market. “We can bring something to the U.S. market if we don’t disregard the U.S. market,” Tavares says. He continued to say that Americans are interested in small cars like the ones the Stellantis-owned brand offers if they’re made innovatively.

Although the Italian automaker has not shown its new models publicly, Tavares called them “very exciting” and added that he is “extremely optimistic” about Fiat’s American future. Whatever the new models are, they need to be exciting and different to attract the American market. Pickup trucks and SUVs are the most popular vehicles because we need size. Fiat’s failure to provide that is one of its many downfalls.

What is Fiat doing in 2021?

2020 Fiat 500L Trekking (Discontinued) | Fiat

Fiat only has a single model left in its lineup as the current model year in America. The 500X stands alone after discontinuing its other models following the 2019 model year. A wide array of models still exists in its home continent of Europe, where the brand has much better sales figures. Due to size needs, smaller vehicles are very popular in the much more compact continent across the ocean.

One of the models sold in Europe is the Fiat 500e. This all-electric model is new to the scene and provides the compact size of a standard Fiat with an electric powertrain. Tavares specifically mentioned that he believes this model would do well in some regions of the U.S., like California. The small electric model and trendy, innovative new Fiats could do well in well-populated areas like the Golden State.

How bad are Fiat’s US sales figures?

As of December 2021, the Fiat brand has sold 2,107 total 500X models. We know they’re all 500Xs because there is nothing else to sell. Certain other Stellantis brands currently have the same problem, like Chrysler and Dodge. For reference, these sales figures are bad even compared to itself. In the U.S. market in 2017, the Italian automaker sold 26,492 units, according to Good Car Bad Car.

Another brand that makes tiny vehicles in America is Mini. During quarter three of 2021, Mini sold 6,444 units. That’s more than Fiat sold for the entire calendar year in just a few months. Mini offers similarly-sized vehicles, but they are typically more spacious than the Fiat 500X.

The Fiat brand is staring death in the face as of 2021. With only one mediocre model left in the lineup, it grasps at straws to stay alive. The Stellantis CEO seems to think that new models, primarily electric and innovative ones, could revive the brand on U.S. soil. Lucky for the brand, it does very well overseas, regardless of American preferences.


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