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Ferrari has built some of the best performance cars out there. The company has a large following, waiting with bated breath to see what they roll out with next. Because who wouldn’t want to get their hands on any of Ferrari’s lineup?

For 2022, Ferrari has blind-sided consumers and plans to release their first SUV, something we never thought they’d ever do. Now, that they have announced it, everyone’s curious as to what this new vehicle will bring that will top their other creations. Car and Driver shows us what the Ferrari Purosangue is all about.

Why is Ferrari making an SUV?

With most of the automotive market shifting to SUVs, some of the world’s most popular sports vehicle manufacturers are moving some of their production lines in that direction. Lamborghini and Aston Martin both have SUVs in their line of performance vehicles now. Ferrari hadn’t planned to take that route, but, in 2018, they surprised us with the concept for an SUV coming into their future.

Enrico Galliera, who announced its name, the Purosangue, took their rendition to a whole different level. To set the bar, they asked that it not be called an SUV at all.

They wanted to establish that the Purosangue is their vision; they are calling it an FUV instead. It stands for, of course, Ferrari Utility Vehicle. They planned to design it just like a Ferrari, but with utility vehicle vibes.

What can we expect from a Ferrari SUV?

So far, not much has been revealed about their FUV outside the name, which by the way is Italian for thoroughbred or Pure Blood. The little bits and pieces that have been dropped here and there give us some clues, however, to what it just might entail.

The Purosangue will probably seat up to four people and have a decent-sized cargo area. Because it’s a Ferrari, you can expect leather seats and probably carbon-fiber materials. With the new generation of platforms, Ferrari adopted, the Purosangue is said to receive the same one as the Roma, which means that they’ll locate the engine near the front axle line.

As for powering it up, there are no specifications for engine size yet, but Car and Driver speculates a possible V8 or V12 engine. Road and Track reported that an electric version is in the planning stages.

If one does show up, it will not likely have the V12 as it would be too heavy of a vehicle, when combined with heavier batteries. Whatever engine goes into the Purosangue, you know it will be as powerful as their other motors. The price is a bit of a shocker, though. You can expect to pay over $300,000 and up depending on what options you choose.

How will it compare with its competitors? reflects on what the new Ferrari SUV would need to have in order to be a competitor with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Aston Martin Lagonda, Bentley Bentayga, and the Lamborghini Urus.

Porsche has one of the finest air suspensions found in any performance vehicle and the Lagonda can hardly be beaten with its sweet styling lines. Ferrari plans on building in a cutting-edge suspension with a variable height adjustment, which would more than earn its spot as a competitor if all goes well. As for being as handsome as the Lagonda, only time will tell there.

The Lamborghini Urus has the 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine that runs 641 hp. Ferrari’s engines are capable of competing with it, but there’s no information as to what they will ultimately drop into the Purosangue. Hopefully, they’ll make a wise choice. Ferrari will also have to face the Bentayga’s unprecedented interior. This could be hard to compete with because Bentley is known for its top-notch style that caters to royalty.

No matter what the Purosangue brings, expect it to be high-quality with supreme performance, much like the other vehicles they’ve produced. Production should begin in 2021, and it couldn’t get here soon enough.