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The automotive industry has seen many new innovations in the past few years. One of the most exciting new developments is the emergence of the “super SUV”. Luxury sports car automakers like Lamborghini have been producing SUV models that boast supercar performance. Ferrari is producing a new SUV model as well.

What is Ferrari’s SUV called?

The Ferrari SUV is called the Purosangue. Purosangue is Italian for “full-blooded” or “thoroughbred”. This is a term normally used to refer to horses that are of a superior pedigree. What could Ferrari be implying with this name? Perhaps, it has given the SUV that name to ensure its fans and customers that the vehicle is, like its siblings, of the highest quality. The SUV could bear this name to prove that despite its practical appearance, it will deliver exceptional performance.

The Purosangue is historic because its design language clearly deviates from the designs that have made Ferrari so popular. The SUV segment is a popular vehicle segment because of practicality. Practicality isn’t a word often associated with supercar brands. In fact, supercars that are exceptionally quick often happen to be uncomfortable and cramped by design. Automakers sacrifice comfort for speed when building these models, so how will the Purosangue incorporate both comfort and quickness?

The Ferrari SUV could be very successful because it has a clear path to follow, thanks to a rival. The Lamborghini Urus paved the way for new SUV models like the Purosangue.

The Lamborghini Urus changed the game for SUVs

What’s the first vehicle you think of when you think of the SUV vehicle segment? Perhaps it’s the popular Toyota RAV4. Maybe it’s the Honda CR-V. SUVs are so ubiquitous because they can be practical and affordable. Lamborghini challenges the way consumers think of SUVs with the Urus.

The Lamborghini Urus has been in production since 2018. In just four short years, the Urus has become a cultural phenomenon. Supercars were once the ultimate status symbol. Today, many of the world’s most affluent celebrities have chosen the more affordable Urus over some supercars.

The Urus’ design is innovative. It is making a huge impact on the luxury sports vehicle market. Lamborghini’s most affordable model has arguably become its most sought-after model. How many SUVs have their own Hot Wheels toys?

How much is a 2022 Ferrari SUV?

A red Ferrari Purosangue teaser.
A Ferrari Purosangue teaser | Ferrari

According to Car and Driver, the Purosangue should arrive in late 2022 with a starting price of around $350,000. This is significantly more expensive than the Urus, which could hurt the SUV’s sales if it’s to rival Lamborghini’s SUV. The Ferrari SUV will be expected to produce incredible performance that matches its sleek and flashy design. The world is watching as Ferrari rolls out its first SUV model, the Purosangue. Will it truly be as thoroughbred as the Italian automaker wants you to believe?


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