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Sports utility vehicles offer a lot in the way of cargo space and comfort. However, those aren’t the only features that attract drivers. In fact, SUVs such as the Ferrari Purosangue and Aston Martin DBX can be quite luxurious while providing the roominess and practicality modern motorists want. Let’s compare the two.

Ferrari Purosangue vs. Aston Martin DBX

Ferrari would prefer its entry into the world of sports utility vehicles be called “an authentic four-door sports car” instead of an SUV. Nonetheless, the much anticipated Purosangue boasts more passenger space than any Ferrari in history.

Featuring Ferrari’s famous 6.5-liter mid-front-mounted V12 engine, the Purosangue can attain 62 mph in a mere 3.3 seconds with a maximum driving speed of over 193 mph. With a near identical top speed, the Aston Martin DBX707 can move from a dead stop to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds thanks to a Mercedes 4.0-liter V8 engine under the hood.

Lauding the Purosangue for its superior weight distribution, lower stance, and super-powerful engine, Motor 1 published a side-to-side comparison of the mighty Italian luxury SUV and how the Purosangue stats stack up to its worthy opponent, the Aston Martin DBX707.

1. Curb weight

Ferrari Purosangue: 4,482 lbs

Aston Martin DBX: 4,940 lbs

2. Engine/Transmission

Ferrari Purosangue: 6.5-liter V12 / 8-speed dual-clutch with auto + manual mode

Aston Martin DBX: Twin-Turbo 4.0-liter V8 / 9-speed wet clutch with auto + manual mode

3. Horsepower

Ferrari Purosangue: 715 HP @ 7,750 RPM

Aston Martin DBX: 697 HP @ 6,000 RPM

4. Rear cargo space

Aston Martin DBX: 22.5 cubic feet

Ferrari Purosangue: 16.7 cubic feet

5. Seats

Aston Martin DBX: 5

Ferrari Purosangue: 4

6. Torque

Ferrari Purosangue: 528 lb-ft @ 6,250 RPM

Aston Martin DBX: 663 lb-ft @ 2,750 RPM

7. Weight distribution

Ferrari Purosangue: 49 front / 51 rear

Aston Martin DBX: 52 front / 48 rear

8. Wheelbase

Ferrari Purosangue: 118.8 inches

Aston Martin DBX: 120.5 inches

9. Wheels

Ferrari Purosangue: 22 inches front / 23 inches rear

Aston Martin DBX: 22 inches (23 inches optional)

Luxurious looks vs. expanded cargo space

A green teal Aston Martin DBX luxury SUV model
Aston Martin DBX | Aston Martin

Where optics are concerned, Ferrari Purosangue’s good looks are more in line with the Ferrari GTC4Lusso than those one might expect from a classic sport utility vehicle, says Motor 1. In fact, the Italian carmaker teased the debut of an SUV-style vehicle many months before releasing images that revealed unfussy four-wheel drive sportiness with front and back bucket seats.

Weight advantage and lower stance favor the Ferrari as far as performance is concerned, but those same features reduce the benefit of cargo space, which the Aston Martin generously delivers. In fact, the Aston Martin DBX707 offers nearly 6 cubic feet more cargo space than the Purosangue.

Purosangue vs. Aston Martin: Which one costs more?

Price is one point where Aston Martin doesn’t even come close to its competitor. According to Motor 1, a new DBX will set you back around $232,000, while a basic Purosangue requires no less than $400k to drive it off the lot.

Despite costing nearly twice as much as the Aston Martin DBX, the mighty don’t-call-it-an-SUV Ferrari Purosangue triumphs over its closest competitor, says MSN. To be fair, test-driving either of these powerful and luxurious sports utility vehicles is sure to be a thrill.

A decade ago, SUVs were about getting the kids to soccer practice. Today, several high-end auto manufacturers are jumping into the luxury sports utility vehicle game. Expect to see SUV offerings from BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Tesla, and Audi soon.


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