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Ferrari recently introduced a new vehicle unlike pretty much anything they’ve previously produced: the Purosangue. While most people would consider the car an SUV, Ferrari has hesitated to call it by that term, calling it an “FUV” instead. If you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to purchase this controversial ride, you might be interested to know that the Ferrari has developed an online “configurator” for the vehicle that allows you to customize your FUV in interesting ways. 

What does the newly released Ferrari Purosangue have to offer?

The Ferrari Purosangue luxury high-performance SUV model parked on a marble reflective plaza
Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

The Ferrari Purosangue isn’t just the first SUV produced by Ferrari. It’s also the first four-door vehicle of any type that the manufacturer has put on the market. With its release of the Purosangue, Ferrari is giving Lamborghini a run for its money in the luxury Italian-made SUV market. Just look at its astonishing specs. 

For starters, the Purosangue has an impressive V12 engine capable of producing an astonishing 715 hp and 528 lb-ft of torque. With that sort of muscle behind it, it’s no surprise that it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and reach speeds up to 193 mph. It’s also no surprise that these numbers lead Car and Driver to declare the Purosangue “one of the quickest SUVs we’ve ever tested.”

 A look at Ferrari’s online configurator

This Ferrari “non-SUV” doesn’t only stand out for its specs. It also has something else going for it, sure to attract true car connoisseurs’ interest. We’re talking about Ferrari’s online configurator, which allows buyers to customize its new cars in all sorts of ways. 

Customers who take advantage of the configurator have the opportunity to make their new Purosangue truly their own unique vehicle–one potentially unreplicated anywhere else. Heading to the website and clicking on “Build Your Own” opens up a whole world of possibilities, and it’s easy to let one’s imagination run wild throughout the process. 

The configurator allows a potential buyer to select paintwork, roof options, bodywork elements, and more. There are options for exhaust pipes, wheels and calipers, and interior colors. It’s all extremely impressive, to say the least. As Dupont Registry writes of the configurator, “With the attention to detail that only an exquisite brand like Ferrari can offer, the new Purosangue configurator continues to show off the fact that when Ferrari does a luxury performance SUV, or anything for the first time, it’s done in a way that way no other brand can do it.”

Enzo Ferrari would likely hate the Purosangue

Doing things like no other brand can do has long been what Ferrari has been about. That attitude goes back to the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, who, among other beliefs, was vehemently opposed to ever building a sedan, thanks to a view of four-door cars as not representative of Ferrari’s distinguished reputation. In fact, he considered such cars “vulgar.” With such an attitude toward non-sports cars, we have to imagine Enzo Ferrari rolling over in his grave when the Purosangue was introduced. 

Even former Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne had nothing good to say about the possibility of a Ferrari SUV when asked about the potential for such a vehicle back in 2016. His scathing reply was, “You’d have to shoot me first.” 

Suffice it to say that many Ferrari traditionalists are likely none too happy about the introduction of the Purosangue, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of potential customers eager to start their “configuration” process for their new luxury Italian “FUV.” 


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