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Ferrari is one of the most prolific supercar makers, with many beautiful and powerful models that often become instant classics. However, all of them are out of the average driver’s price range. In addition, it takes plenty of driving expertise to handle a Ferrari correctly. Fortunately, Ferrari driving lessons exist, even for people who don’t live in Italy or own one of these automotive artworks.

What’s so great about performance driving courses, and what does Ferrari’s Corso Pilota program include?

The benefits of a performance driving program

Ferrari driving lessons Corso Pilota
A Ferrari Roma at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

NASCAR and Formula 1 racers don’t win solely because their cars pack the most powerful engines. Professional drivers have also had performance driving lessons, teaching them how to use speed effectively. These courses also break down how to pull off the best maneuvers and follow safe braking practices.

A few courses in performance driving school can also be helpful off the track. You’ll get to experience driving on loose surfaces, something many drivers experience in the winter months. Sure, you read about how to reduce slippage in your driver’s ed handbook, but what about when it happens in real life? A hands-on experience in a controlled environment is undoubtedly a more effective way to learn.

The cost of a performance driving program can be free or several thousand dollars a day. Historically, Ferrari driving lessons — part of the Corso Pilota program — cost over $15,000. Some automakers, like BMW, let you test-drive their cars and provide instruction without paying a penny.

What to expect from Ferrari’s Corso Pilota driving lessons

According to Ferrari, the main Corso Pilota program takes place on the Fiorano track in Modena, Italy. The first level is an introductory course with basic sport-driving techniques and advanced maneuvers. Participants get to test-drive select Ferrari cars, guided by a qualified instructor in the passenger’s seat.

The second tier, Avanzato, is limited to fewer participants with longer lesson times. During the lead and follow exercises, students can drive a Ferrari by themselves behind an instructor.

The next level, Evoluzione, is scheduled once per year at Rimini’s Misano World Circuit. Each driver gets racing gear, a uniform, and access to exclusive activities such as night driving. The Challenge course also includes exclusive offerings, and every driver gets a personal instructor. Each course takes two days to complete.

Although the main program is in Italy, drivers can still participate at the North American branches. Ferrari says annual Corso Pilota programs are set to take place in California, Texas, Utah, Florida, and Indiana. The Corso Pilota in Texas is the only one that offers all four program tiers.

Pricing ranges from $15,300 for the Sport course to $27,550 for the Challenge tier. The cars available for Ferrari driving lessons include the 488 Challenge Evo, F8 Tributo, and 812 Superfast.

Some Corso Pilota participants can drive the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Unfortunately, only the main Italian programs allow participants to drive the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. According to Ferrari, this mighty plug-in hybrid supercar makes a combined 986 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. It’s also the Italian automaker’s first mid-engine car equipped with AWD. 

The SF90 Stradale’s official 0–60-mph acceleration time is a blistering 2.5 seconds. It boasts four drive modes for both efficient and performance driving, plus a variety of racing upgrades to purchase. If you happen to live in or frequent Italy, Corso Pilota could be one of your only chances to experience the Stradale’s power.


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