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Are you searching high and low for the new Ferrari Fortnite locations? The new Ferrari is hiding in a few spots in Fortnite, but you can spot the Ferrari 296 GTB supercar from a mile away. Don’t wait too long; the Ferrari in Fortnite might not be on the map for too long.

Looking for the new Ferrari Fortnite locations?

Ferrari Fortnite: The new Ferrari 296 GTB
Ferrari Fortnite: The new Ferrari 296 GTB | Ferrari

Recently, the Ferrari 296 GTB was released for Fortnite. Players can drive the new Ferrari around last month, adding a new supercar to the lineup. According to Epic Games, there are a few challenges players can operate the new Ferrari 296 GTB.

If you can find the Ferrari Fortnite locations, you can complete Ferrari time trials. Drivers can try to reach the maximum allowed speed and drive the Ferrari through a storm. The newest hybrid Ferrari is also a part of the Epic Quests from week 7.

In real life, the newest Ferrari 296 GTB is equipped with a 120° V6 engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor. Ferrari says, “the car thus redefines the idea of driving fun to provide pure excitement not only when pursuing maximum performance but also during everyday driving.” So why not toss it into a video game?

There are two prominent Ferrari Fortnite locations that people report seeing the vehicle. The first Ferrari location in Fortnite is in a parking garage east of Holly Hatchery, Inverse reports. If you go inside, the red Ferrari 296 GTB should be parked somewhere. Players reported seeing this reasonably regularly.

If you can get there before other players do, you have a better shot at finding the supercar. Otherwise, it could be moved somewhere else by another player. If that location doesn’t work, there is another spot by Slurpy Swamp. If you go across the bridge, the new Ferrari hybrid is toward the end of the bridge near the barricades. There might also be traffic cones nearby.

Believer Beach and Lazy Lakes also have the Ferrari 296 GTB. At Believer Beach, you can usually find it in the parking lot of the hotel. There is the possibility of a Ferrari spawning at a nearby gas station, both at Believer Beach and Lazy Lakes. If you happen upon a car dealership, look for the red Ferrari on the lot.


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Players can dress the part, too. With the new “Road Ready Ferrari Bundle,” players get the Modena Icon, Maranello Racer Outfits, and even the Ferrari Turbo Back Bling backpack. It probably won’t hurt the popularity of the new 296 GTB. But beware, this Ferrari option burns a ton of gas in the game. Be sure to fill up before attempting any time trials.

Ferrari isn’t new to video games and was a popular car in games like Need for Speed back in the day. It makes sense to have a new vehicle like the Ferrari 296 GTB in a popular game like Fortnite. Before this Ferrari, Fortnite offers a Whiplash car that was the fastest in the game. The Whiplash looked more like a Ford Mustang Lamborghini Countach hybrid. Mover over Whiplash, Ferrari is here.