Ferrari 812 and Tributo Spiders Leak Before Official Reveal

It’s Spider-time in Maranello, Italy. Though Ferrari wants you to see these on its schedule, we have shots of both the Ferrari 812 Spider and the F8 Tributo Spider. Of course, we all knew these variants would be coming, it was just a matter of when Ferrari would get around to it. Now, a Ferrari leak has confirmed it.

Ferrari has been holding special events for VIP owners to premiere the two drop-tops; one for the Spider version of the 812 and the other for the F8 Tributo Spider. These images are from both, thanks to social media. 

In the 812 Spider image by “Cavallino Ramparte” you can see there are a sizable amount of VIPs in attendance. The image of the “invitations” shows stylized illustrations of the two drop-tops. 

As the F8 Tributo is fashioned from the same body as the 488, and that the 488 has a Spider version, it was not too much of a stretch to figure that at some point Ferrari would offer the open body for the Tributo. That looks to be the case from this image seen here. 

The engine cover supposedly gets wider louvers over the plexi-rear cover, and a carbon-fiber version will be available as an option. 

With the added weight that comes with Spider versions these slower times are in line with Ferraris of the past. 

The image of the 812 shows that the changes to the 812 are minimal, but the interesting part is the two buttresses that trail off from the open cockpit. They take on a look similar to the SP1 and SP2 Ferrari Monza specials.

Ferrari spokespersons at the event said the 812 Spider weighs 3,527 lbs versus 3,362 for the coupe version, according to reports from social media. They also said 0-to-124 mph times are 8.3 seconds for the Spider, with the coupe’s posted time of 7.9 seconds.

We reported just this past week about the Tributo but to review it is based on the Pininfarina design architecture of the 2009 458 Italia, making the Ferrari F8 Tributo is its tribute to the V8, which means a tribute to the 1973 Dino GT4. 

The Tributo’s V8 power comes from the same F154 twin-turbo engine as found in the 488 Pista. At 710 hp and 568 ft-lb of torque at 3,250 rpm, it bests the GTB’s internals by 49 lbs utilizing titanium connecting rods and a lightened flywheel. This makes the Tributo the most powerful Ferrari V8 ever.  

A Getrag seven-speed twin-clutch transmission and electronically actuated limited-slip differential straight out of the Pista puts the power to the pavement. Softer damping but similar spring rates to the Pista should smooth the ride slightly. Michelin 20-inch Sport Pilot 2 tires grip the road as well as can be expected with a car as light and balanced with so much power. 

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 purebred putting out 789 hp and 529 lb-ft. of torque. In many ways, it is a tribute to the Ferraris of yesteryear, more so than the Tributo. We guess it depends on which era you’re wanting to give tribute to. 

Official images of both of the upcoming Spiders are due this week, so MotorBiscuit will give you a gander once they are revealed. Until then at least you’re in on the secret thanks to social media.