The Ferrari 599xx Evolution Was a Ludicrous $2 Million Supercar

Ferrari is known for building some pretty insane cars, like the berserker SF90. However, there’s always some discerning (read: wealthy) clientele that want a little more prance in their prancing horse. That’s where the Ferrari 599xx Evolution comes in. It’ll go to 60 mph faster than you can read its name, and you’ll want to bring some brown pants with those race booties.

The Ferrari 599xx Evolution sounds just like a Formula 1 car | Shmee150

Moreover, you can’t even drive one on the street. And that’s just the start of the absurdity. Ferrari is a notoriously finicky brand, and nothing illustrates that better than the Evo.

Is the Ferrari 599xx Evolution even real?

A red Ferrari 599xx Evolution at the Detroit Auto Show, shot from the front
You know the Ferrari 599xx Evolution is a racecar because of the hood pins
| Bryan Mitchell via Getty Images

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Honestly, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Ferrari 599xx Evolution doesn’t exist. Information on the internet is pretty scarce outside of a Wikipedia article and some YouTube videos. Lucky for you I’m super nice and decided to put it all in one place. It’s not like Ferrari’s other track-day specials, like the LaFerrari FXX-K, where information is everywhere.

Back then at least, Ferrari didn’t really care to tell the public much about cars the masses couldn’t afford. Aside from a vague memory of a Top Gear appearance, there isn’t much to go on. That said, what information is available about the Ferrari 599xx Evolution points to a car made a decade ago that can keep pace with today’s Koenigseggs and Lamborghinis.

The 599xx Evo is totally different from the “normal” 599

A red Ferrari 599 GTB shot in profile on a London side street
Even the hard-edged 599 GTB looks tame compared to the 599xx Evo | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

First, Ferrari started by taking the already hardcore 599 GTB and making it more uncomfortable by removing the interior and adding some race-spec springs and dampers. Ever the fans of Lotus boss Colin Chapman, Ferrari decided to “add lightness” by adding as much carbon fiber as possible. The standard 599 had a 6.0 L V12 that revved up to 8,400 RPM. However, that wasn’t enough.

By the time the Evo came around, those numbers changed to a 9,000 RPM redline and 720 hp. We’re in Mclaren 720s territory now. Obviously, you’ve got to stop all that power, so the team at Maranello also added some carbon-ceramic brakes. Which, to say the least, were expensive. The starting price back in 2011 was near $2 million.

Owning a 599xx honestly sounds terrible

A handful of Ferrari factory workers, dressed in red, stand next to a complete Ferrari 599xx Evolution in Maranello
The Ferrari 599xx Evolution looks tame by today’s standards | Massimo Sestini via Getty Images

As fun as all that sounds, owning one was, well, kind of a shit experience. You see, Ferrari didn’t trust owners with their V12 masterpiece (google “Ferrari crash” to see why), so they said owners could use them only at specific Ferrari events. That means your Ferrari 599xx Evolution has to live in Maranello.

Outside of your six allotted track events, you had to pay for a Ferrari pit crew to drive the car more. Oh, and they’d fly the car to you. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, I suppose. I guess when you’re Michael Schumacher, you can do that kind of thing. He owned one, and it’s a pity he’s not around to confirm whether it was worth it or not.

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