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One of the many innovations to come out of CES 2022 is the Hyundai M.Vision concept. These include the M.Vision POP EV and M.Vision 2GO hydrogen-powered concepts for small mobility vehicles with wheels capable of rotating 90 degrees. Not only are they able to make extremely tight turns, but they can also drive sideways. What is the purpose of this concept vehicle?

Hyundai M.Vision concept: urban mobility

Hyundai M.Vision Concept, a robot that can drive sideways
Hyundai M.Vision Concept | Hyundai

According to Motor1, Hyundai calls its technology that allows for tight turns the “e-corner module.” The concept vehicles combine steering, braking, suspension, and driving ability. Hyundai views it as a core for building vehicles that focus on urban mobility, easily maneuvering themselves in tiny, narrow environments. The company plans to develop a skateboard chassis with four steering modules by 2023.

Motor1 reports that the automaker developed the original concept for the e-corner module in 2018. The version on display at CES this year is a new version, which has now completed functional testing. Lastly, the concept will undergo reliability verifications and a feasibility study on mass production. By 2023, the skateboard chassis would include an integrated controller for four e-corner modules. In 2025, Hyundai wants it to have autonomous driving capability.

Hyundai’s future is filled with robots

Hyundai M.Vision POP EV Concept can drive sideways
Hyundai M.Vision POP Concept | Hyundai

What’s the purpose of all the company’s robots it wants to build and sell? While they seem cool to look at during the CES show, are they beneficial to anyone? According to Hyundai, the robots would bring things to you in your house. Additionally, people would be in individual pods on the streets that could attach to a larger vehicle, like a bus. The automaker imagines the machines could replace ambulances, making them safer and faster.

Of course, as of right now, the world doesn’t have the infrastructure required to support something like this. The M.Vision concept and the e-corner module are robots of the future in early development. While they might serve a purpose now, Hyundai’s utopian fantasy is a long way off. No one knows if anything the Korean automaker is shooting for will come true, but the concepts are fascinating.

Hyundai electric vehicles

Hyundai is working on hydrogen-powered robot concepts, but they have EVs coming too. The Hyundai Kona and Ioniq electric hatchback are available right now. Starting at $34,000, the Kona SUV can drive up to 258 miles on a single electric charge.

The company’s website says the Ioniq 5 electric SUV was coming in winter 2021. However, 2021 is over the Ioniq 5 still isn’t available for purchase online, so we’ll see when that becomes available. We’d assume it will be sometime early in 2022 if dealers haven’t gotten inventory already.

Hyundai M.Vision concept can drive sideways

Hyundai M.Vision e-corner module technology that allows for sideways driving
Hyundai M.Vision e-corner module | Hyundai

Although it doesn’t serve much of a purpose to the public right now, the M.Vision concept from CES 2022 is a very cool idea. The ability to maneuver small spaces easily is something fast-moving vehicles can’t do. Moving sideways is a trait cars and trucks have never had, although the Hummer EV and Tesla Cybertruck might have that ability. In conclusion, the Hyundai M.Vision concept is like a giant Roomba vacuum, but it brings you things and can turn into a pod or a bus to drive around a compact city.


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