Father and Son Arrested for Street Racing – Their Muscle Cars Get Impounded

Having several generations of car enthusiasts in your family could lead to strong bonds over a shared passion. However, as one father and son duo took their muscle cars for an early morning drive, things went south rather quickly.

According to Motorious, the pair racing a Pontiac GTO and a Dodge Challenger managed to pass by a police officer, going 35 mph over the speed limit. However, it seems they picked one of the worst days of the year to race their muscle cars.

The father and son took out their muscle cars for a morning drive

An image of a Pontiac GTO, one of many discontinued muscle cars, parked indoors.
Pontiac GTO | Pontiac

This father and son story begins as the pair decides to take their muscle cars out the morning of Halloween. According to Motorious, the pair chose one of the worst days of the year to have a high-speed street race. This is because police departments across the country deploy more offers to ensure that families are safe during the holiday.

According to Motorious, the muscle cars reached 70 mph in a 35 mph zone, effectively doubling the speed limit. As you might imagine, this caught the attention of a nearby police officer. According to Motorious, the officer was finishing up another traffic stop when he saw the two cars.

At this point, the officer pulled over both muscle cars. Given the circumstances, the father and son duo got more than just a speeding ticket. In fact, the officer decided to impound both of their vehicles. In the state of California, it takes a minimum of 30 days to get your car back.

However, the police officer also went a step further by arresting the two men with a street racing charge.

They were driving a Pontiac and a Dodge

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If you’re wondering exactly which muscle cars the pair was driving, the details are scarce. According to Motorious, the 60-year-old father and 24-year-old son reportedly drove a Pontiac GTO and a Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, Fairfield Police didn’t specify exactly who had what car. Regardless, the pair had tons of horsepower to play with.

Despite being one of many discontinued muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO boasted an impressive 400-hp output from its 6.0-liter V8. This allowed the GTO to reach 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and continue to a top speed of 180 mph.

In terms of the Dodge Challenger, there are many engines and trim options available. As a result, it is nearly impossible to know which model was involved in this race. However, even the base model boasts a power output of 305 hp. This allows it to reach 60 mph in around five seconds.

Regardless of the muscle cars themselves, it goes without saying that this kind of race is better suited for the racetrack.

What happened to them in the end?

An image of a Pontiac GTO, one of many discontinued muscle cars, parked indoors.
Pontiac GTO | Pontiac

In the end, this street race turned out to be fairly expensive. According to Daily Republic, the father and son had to show up to a court to face a judge. Additionally, the muscle cars sat in a lot for over 30 days.

However, getting them out is quite the task. Daily Republic report that this includes paying for all of the associated storage fees. Additionally, if they cannot retrieve their cars quickly, this price will only increase over time.