How Fast Is a Karma GS-6?

When it comes to luxury eco-friendly cars, Karma Automotive may produce some of the best options on the market. Karma is a startup, kind of like Tesla, but Karma’s been through some uncertain times in the past. However, Karma’s bounced back, and it recently unleashed the Karma GS-6, which could very well be the next best eco-friendly sports car.

The Karma GS-6 is a more affordable option 

The Karma GS-6 luxury sports car driving near palm trees
Karma GS-6 | Karma Automotive

Karma seems to be following Tesla’s master plan, as the first car from Karma, the Revero, was an expensive luxury sedan. It wasn’t an EV like Tesla, but rather, a PHEV. According to Car and Driver, the Revero costs close to $150,000, a similar price tag to the earliest Teslas on the market. Like those early Tesla models, though, the Revero was a sports car with some impressive numbers.

For example, Car and Driver said that the Revero GT had a 536-hp hybrid powertrain and that it could go from 0 to 60 MPH in roughly 4.5 seconds. Since it was a PHEV, it could also go about 71 miles on battery-only mode. However, as Tesla fans know, after Tesla sold a few of those early cars, Tesla started working on more affordable options. Karma did something similar, and that’s why the GS-6 exists at an $86,000 price point.

How fast is the Karma GS-6?

While the GS-6 is different from the Revero in many ways, they have quite similar powertrains. This is because the GS-6’s powertrain gets the same amount of horsepower as the Revero GT does. As such, its performance is about the same as well. For instance, Car and Driver said that the GS-6 goes from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds.

That said, there does seem to be a difference in batteries. The GS-6 gets, at most, 61 miles on a single battery charge. However, regardless of the differences, the GS-6 is still fun to drive. As Car and Driver said, “Once ready, simply release the brake and the car catapults forward like a ball bearing out of a slingshot, mashing you into the seatback while the engine emits a flatulent, high-pitched wail until you release the accelerator. It’s fun, if not terribly pleasant to hear.”

As such, Karma customers can have a similar high-performance car with the GS-6 as they’d get with the Revero GT. Additionally, GS-6 customers would save over $60,000 from that choice. According to Car and Driver, the main reason why the GS-6 has the same power as the 2020 Revero GT is that Karma plans on significantly overhauling the latest Revero GT. The newest Revero GT will get about 1,100 hp instead.

An overview of this sports sedan

So, while the GS-6 will soon be much slower and weaker than the newest Revero GT, the GS-6 still has a few great features up its sleeves. After all, it’s still an $86,000 luxury car. As a result, the GS-6 features a well-refined interior that’s decked with leather, as well as an infotainment system that includes a digital gauge cluster and a 10.2-inch touch screen display.

Additionally, the GS-6 also has a suite of smart safety features that would be common on any luxury car. Some of those features include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring. However, one of the GS-6’s glaring issues is its seating. It only seats four people, and that may not be enough for some customers.

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