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Compact sedans are some of the most popular models available because they can offer drivers outstanding efficiency and an easy-driving experience. Many new compact sedans offer a surprising amount of performance on more adventures. If you decide it is time to shop for a new compact car and want both efficiency and performance, a few models offer both.

Why do drivers want an efficient compact sedan?

In today’s market, having an efficient car is more important than ever. With the gas price being so high, but thankfully coming down, having a more efficient car keeps you on the road longer. With a car that burns less fuel, your tank can stay fuller for longer, which helps you save more money.

Another big reason drivers want a more efficient compact sedan is that it is cleaner for the environment. Today’s automotive market is shifting toward a greener and cleaner future. With a more efficient sedan, there is less exhaust expelled and, in turn, a cleaner car for the environment.

Why do drivers want a fast car?

a red 2022 honda civic, a new sedan that is both efficient and fast
2022 Honda Civic | Honda

Many drivers are looking for a vehicle that offers outstanding performance for their daily drive. With a faster car, drivers can get going quicker and keep moving faster. In compact cars, fast doesn’t always mean high horsepower or higher top speed. Instead, a fast compact sedan can mean something with better acceleration. 

When looking for a quicker compact sedan, you want something that can get you going from a stop with more confidence. In many modern compact cars, you will enjoy a vehicle that has a peppy engine and a transmission tuned for comfort. With this combination, you should have no problem driving around the city or tackling a longer adventure on the highway.

What compact sedans offer the efficiency and performance you want?

If you are currently shopping for a new compact sedan that is ready to impress, there are a few models you need to consider. These different sedans can make any drive a better time and keep you on the road longer. Many of these models also offer you a comfortable and feature-filled interior. In many ways, these are some of the most complete models available.

For shoppers looking for a gas-power compact sedan, consider these models below.

Make and ModelOverall MPG0-60 mph in Seconds
Toyota Corolla Hatchback368.7
Kia Forte LXS w/2.0-liter engine348.3
Volkswagen Jetta SE349.0
Hyundai Elantra SEL337.9
Honda Civic Sport w/2.0-liter engine339.7
Toyota Corolla LE329.9
Nissan Sentra SV329.5
Subaru Impreza Premium309.5

These eight models offer an outstanding blend of efficiency and performance, without being too overwhelming. While it does need to be said, none of these models would necessarily blow anyone away with outstanding speed. For the peppiest ride, the fastest model is the Hyundai Elantra SEL.

On the other hand, if you are shopping for a new compact sedan and want even more efficiency, consider something with a hybrid powertrain, such as:

Make and ModelOverall MPG0-60 mph in Seconds
Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue488.7
Toyota Corolla LE Hybrid 4810.3

These two models are quite a bit more efficient, getting close to an impressive 50 mpg combined. But, once again, the Hyundai Elantra is significantly faster. In both models, you will enjoy top-notch efficiency with the performance you need to tackle every road.

An efficient compact sedan doesn’t mean a boring drive

If you are deadset on shopping for an incredible new compact sedan ready to offer you outstanding efficiency and a well-rounded driving experience, these models are among the top choices. No matter what you are looking for in a compact sedan, these models will surely fit your needs.


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