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There’s nothing wrong with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It’s one of the sleekest, most stylish, and sportiest luxury performance sedans in the market. While the regular model is pretty good, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm takes the goodness of the Quadrifoglio and turns things up several notches.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm has deep origins

It’s time to see a car that’s more about the past than the future. That car is the GTAm version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This car has a story that dates back to the 1960s as a car made for racing. At that time, the engineers at Alfa slimmed down the weight of the Giulia Sprint GT to create a lighter and faster car.

The same has been done to the GTA and GTAm models of today. The GTA is 220 pounds lighter than the regular Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and the GTAm ditches the rear seats to drop another 55 pounds.

How does this luxury performance sedan shed so much weight?

Green Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm | Alfa Romeo

The GTA, in the name of this car, stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita. That last word means lightened in Italian, and that’s precisely what’s happened. While the only difference between the GTA and GTAm models is the rear-seat delete, the initial weight loss comes from parts made of lightweight materials.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm has aluminum doors and several items made of carbon fiber. These parts include the drive shaft, hood, roof, front bumpers, and wheel arch extensions.

Does the GTAm version have more power than the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio?

Although both versions of this luxury performance sedan have the same 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the GTAm has 28 horsepower more than the Quadrifoglio to offer 533 horsepower for the drive. This power increase is the result of new engine electronics, higher boost pressure, and an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system.

Can we really call the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm a sedan?

Rear View Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm
Rear View Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm | Alfa Romoe

Is the defining characteristic of a sedan the rear seat or the four-door layout? It must be the doors because many coupes have rear seats. Regardless, the GTAm has a roll cage, helmet rack, and fire extinguisher where the rear seat would have been. Forget taking passengers in this performance car; there isn’t anywhere for them to buckle in.

Are the changes worth it?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio has a claimed sprint time of 3.5 seconds to hit 60 mph. The lightweight, tuned-up GTAm model hits this same speed in 3.3 seconds, as demonstrated by Motor1. Is that difference worth the loss of rear seats, added cost, and changes to this car? Considering performance car enthusiasts often spend thousands of dollars to gain as much as one-tenth of a second, these changes are certainly worth the cost.

Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm good on the track?

This special version luxury performance sedan has one additional inch of wheel width at the front and close to two inches in the rear. This allows the car to have impressive directional stability around the corners. Toss in the stiffer springs, improved shocks, and better suspension bushings, and you’ve got a car that sticks to the tarmac while still offering a ride that works out on the road.

Next, check out some budget-friendly sports cars, or watch the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm take on the BMW M3 in the video below:

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