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Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation and the watches the company makes have been popular for years. But what if we told you that Apple’s watches could possibly save your life?

For motorcycle riders everywhere, the possibility of a time-teller-turned-guardian-angel could be life-changing. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Series 5 watch, its life-saving technology, and how it works.

How Apple could save your life

First seen in the tech giant’s Series 4 watches, Apple recently developed a fall detection safety feature to be implemented in smartwatches. When the fall detection feature first debuted, it boasted the ability to theoretically save someone’s life.

Especially in the case of motorcyclists, who could crash and be without help, the technology could help you receive life-saving help in situations where otherwise, there would be none. Not too long after the watches started flying off shelves, stories started to surface that confirmed Apple’s theory: its fall detection watch technology is saving lives.

The country is rife with stories of how the fall detection technology helped them. According to Ride Apart, mountain biker Bob Burdett from Spokane, Washington took a hard fall off his bike while going more than 20 mph. Though wearing a helmet, he was knocked unconscious.

Fortunately for Burdett, when he awoke, he was already on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. And it’s all thanks to Burdett’s new watch.

Fall detection technology: how it works in Apple’s watches

Before leaving for his ride, Burdett activated his Apple watch’s fall detection. When the watch detected his fall, it alerted the nearest emergency services to his coordinates, while he was unconscious. Because of this, emergency crews were able to find Burdett and get him the help he needed. So how exactly does this live-saving fall detection in Apple’s watches work?

Apple’s fall detection feature uses advanced motion detection to track the way your body moves. Since your body reacts completely different in a fall or crash, this technology can detect the out-of-the-ordinary movement and go in an alert mode, according to Ride Apart. This means that Apple’s watches can detect an impact, no matter where you are.

When the technology detects that you have fallen, crashed, or gotten hurt, it will display alerts and vibration to get your attention. This is to ensure the watch does not call emergency services if they are not really needed. You can respond whether you require emergency attention or not. But if you don’t respond to those alerts within 30 seconds, the fall detection service takes over from there. Your watch automatically dials emergency services and can provide them with your exact GPS coordinates.

What else to consider about the latest Apple Watch Series 5

It is important to note that Apple’s fall detection feature is available, but must be manually activated through your settings. Though it first debuted in the Series 4, Apple is perfecting its idea further with the newest Series 5 watch.

In fact, the Series 5 is able to use these emergency services in over 150 countries, according to Apple. In order to ensure these emergency services are available, the Series 5 features a range of durable materials like stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. 

The Series 5 watch has all the typical fitness tracking and health feature you’d expect, as well as the ability to track trends. Other features include an always-on retina display, a built-in compass, and an impressive, 18-hour battery life.

Series 5 is also highly-customizable, with a variety of color choices, band options, and more. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a starting price of $399 for the GPS variant and $499 for the GPS + Cellular variant.