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Formula 1 summer break usually takes place during July or August. This time gives the teams a break during some of the hotter months and allows for a regroup. However, the long summer break takes a toll on fans. What’s there to do? Watch the F1 Netflix series Drive to Survive season three and get to know all of the race cars on the track.

Why you should be watching Drive to Survive during the F1 break

F1: You Should Watch Drive to Survive Season 3 on Netflix
F1: You Should Watch Drive to Survive Season 3 on Netflix | Netflix

First of all, F1 has gained a lot of fans in the last few years and Netflix is capitalizing on that. During quarantine, many people joined in and watched the races on ESPN. Because of this, some new fans might be a little lost in the drama of the 2021 season. Formula 1 Drive to Survive season 3 is an excellent way to catch up. Does Lewis Hamilton have the fastest car on the grid? It seems likely until the new Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car showed up.

Viewers will get to know the managers and teams from the 2020 season, which will help fans understand things better. The 2020 season brought a fair share of added drama with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting races, schedules, and drivers. The first episode follows the Australian Grand Prix and how the organizers canceled the race at the last minute due to the virus.

After that, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team gets the rivalry with Red Bull Racing going in full force. Plus, the drama between Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas is subtle but always there.

Drive to Survive showcased the pink Mercedes F1 car drama

The best part about Drive to Survive is the drama. While most people watched the races on television or the internet, the Drive to Survive season 3 release was perfectly timed by Netflix. The first race of the 2021 season, the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, started less than two weeks later.

But before that could happen in real-time, fans got to see the reaction when the 2020 Racing Point car showed up looking like a photocopy of the Mercedes racecars. It even managed to get the nickname “the pink Mercedes.” This drama was all over the news, but Drive to Survive season 3 shows you the reaction from within the paddock.

Much of the start of the season discussed the introduction of Dual Axis Steering (DAS) to the Mercedes cars. Red Bull thought that would give the Mercedes cars an edge over the Red Bull cars, and it did. Drive to Survive shows the kerfuffle DAS caused behind the scenes and how Christian Horner felt about it.

One of the most intense parts of the entire Netflix season was when Romain Grosjean’s Haas crashed at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Haas car went into a metal barrier at 119 mph and exploded into a fireball. Thanks to the quick thinking of the marshalls on the track, Grosjean is able to escape unscathed.

Don’t skip on the older seasons of DTS

If you happen to have a lot of time to kill, the older seasons are good to watch as well. While some drivers and teams might not be around anymore, you get to see how some of the rivalries and friendships have evolved. In a sport where so much happens behind the scenes, Drive to Survive helps explain it.

Drive to Survive season 4 is bound to be another interesting one, even though the F1 season is not over yet. If you haven’t watched this Netflix series, you may want to give it a shot before the Belgian Grand Prix starts up.


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