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The Ford F-150 Lightning is Ford’s very first fully electric pickup truck. The electric truck has yet to release but has already received over 100,000 pre-orders. Ford plans to ramp up production to at least 80,000 units annually in 2024. Despite semiconductor chip shortages, the truck is experiencing overwhelming demand. But does every F-150 Lightning trim provide the true Lightning experience? These two trims are the only trims that come standard with this key feature.

These Ford F-150 Lightning trims are the only ones to include a key feature

A gray Ford F-150 Lightning.
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning has several fun features that are exclusive to the electric truck and novel to the automotive industry. These features are a key selling point to the F-150 Lightning, but every Lightning isn’t created equally. Only two of the four Lightning trims come standard with the 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard system.

All of the electric truck’s trim levels come with a Pro Power OnBoard system. Pro Power OnBoard can power devices and electronics via electrical outlets found in the frunk, truck bed, and cab. This feature is amazing and can be applied in many fun and interesting ways. All trim levels come with the system, but the wattage is the key difference between trim levels.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro base model starts at $39,974. This trim level comes with a 2.4-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard system. The 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard system is optional for the XLT trim, which starts at $52,974. The Lariat trim, starting at $67,474 is the first trim to offer standard 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard. The $89,874 platinum trim offers this wattage as a standard feature for the system as well.

Who cares about Pro Power OnBoard wattage?

The more wattage a Pro Power OnBoard system comes with, the more available outlets a Ford F-150 Lightning trim comes with. This may seem like a tiny detail, but a few outlets can make a huge difference if you are purchasing the vehicle for practicality and utility.

More outlets equal more utility, especially if you plan to use the Ford F-150 Lightning as a work truck. A single outlet can mean not being able to use a tool. The Lariat and Platinum trims come standard with a total of 11 different power outlets. According to InsideEVs, the Lariat and Platinum trims will have four 120-volt outlets in the frunk, two 120-volt outlets in the cab, four 120-volt outlets in the truck bed as well as an additional 240-volt outlet in the truck bed.

The Ford F-150 Lightning's truck bed.
The Ford F-150 Lightning’s truck bed | Ford

The 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard system isn’t necessary, but it has been marketed as one of the electric truck’s key features. The more powerful OnBoard system is optional for the XLT, but only the Lariat and Platinum trim come standard with capabilities almost too cool to pass up. Whether you’re powering tools at the worksite, doing some home renovations, or leading the tailgate party, the 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard system and its 11 outlets are worth looking into.

Is the Ford F-150 Lightning worth the money?

Ford F-150 Lightning.
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Aside from the Tesla Cybertruck, the Ford F-150 Lightning is the most innovative truck that money can buy today. Ford took one of its most popular nameplates and electrified it, ensuring that it had a place in the future. The F-150 Lightning boasts great power and a decent standard driving range. If you really want to get the most value out of the Lightning, the XLT with 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power OnBoard or the Lariat trim are the best options.


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