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When your driving needs call for a big, hulking body-on-frame SUV that brings the power and capabilities desired, you’re looking in the full-size class. These vehicles are known for lasting the longest, which offers the peace of mind you want, but which one is the best and which one is the worst? Strangely, the experts we normally turn to disagree on this subject.

How are the full-size SUVs ranked?

Typically, when offering a list of vehicles and ranking them from best to worst or vice versa, we turn to U. S. News and World Report and Consumer Reports for the information desired. In the full-size SUV class, these two lists differ. Here are these SUV ratings from best to worst from these two entities.

US News

  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • Ford Expedition
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • GMC Yukon
  • Nissan Armada
  • Toyota Sequoia

Consumer Reports

  • Ford Expedition
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Nissan Armada
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • GMC Yukon XL
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • GMC Yukon
  • Jeep Wagoneer (not tested)

The one true wild card is whether or not the Jeep Wagoneer is good enough to reach the top of the list for CR. If so, we then see that two models are consistent at the top, but the rest of the list is a jumbled puzzle. Because of this confusion, another expert opinion is necessary.

How does Car and Driver rate these vehicles?

Turning to a third rating list to see if we can clear things up, Car and Driver tells us these full-size SUVs ranked from worst to best are:

  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Ford Expedition and Expedition Max
  • Nissan Armada
  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • GMC Yukon and Yukon XL
  • Chevrolet Tahoe

Well, that didn’t clear anything up at all.

How should you decipher this information?

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia is coming to replace one of the lowest-rated full-size SUVs in the market.
2023 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

The best way to figure out which full-size SUV is the worst and which one is the best would be to dig in and see why each one receives the ratings it does. The Toyota Sequoia is at the bottom of the two lists, and the Ford Expedition is at the top two. Let’s see why that is.

What does Car and Driver think of the Toyota Sequoia?

A white 2022 Toyota Sequoia driving in front of mountains.
2022 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

The 2022 version of the Sequoia is an SUV that continues to use an antiquated 5.7-liter V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain is outdated, and most of what pushes the Sequoia to the bottom of the list. A new model arrives in the summer as a 2023 version, offering the upgrades and modern tech desired in this full-size SUV.

Why does US News rank the Sequoia so low?

US News specifically tells us the Sequoia reaches the bottom because of the outdated interior, infotainment system, ride quality, poor handling, and low fuel economy numbers. Seating is adequate for seven or eight people, and there’s plenty of power, but the Sequoia is due for an upgrade, which it receives for the next model year.

What puts the Ford Expedition at the top of the full-size SUV list for Consumer Reports?

Ford Expedition Max
2022 Ford Expedition Max | Ford

Going in the opposite direction, we see the Ford Expedition is the top-rated full-size SUV among the models tested by Consumer Reports. This SUV receives an above-average overall score. Here are the categories it ranks the highest:

  • Road Test
  • Predicted Owner Satisfaction
  • Acceleration
  • Transmission
  • Noise
  • Front Seat Comfort
  • Rear Seat Comfort
  • Interior Fit and Finish
  • Trunk/Cargo Area
  • Driving Experience
  • Comfort

Why is the Expedition second on the US News list?

US News tells us the Expedition offers a muscular engine, good handling, and plenty of room to be near the top of the list. This big SUV gives owners what they want with good towing numbers and fuel mileage in this class. The tech is useful and easy to understand, making this SUV an easy one to drive.

Which full-size SUV should you drive?

The Toyota Sequoia and Ford Expedition fall at opposite ends of the spectrum in the full-size SUV class. Does that mean you need to avoid the Sequoia and only drive the Expedition? Not at all. You might find the right vehicle for your driving needs in the middle of each list. The waters are muddied, and these three lists don’t agree on which is the best or which is the worst SUV for you to drive.

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This article was updated on 8/4/2022.


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