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Do people buy the best version of the 2023 Toyota RAV4? One trim level is more popular than all the others. Every version of the Toyota SUV is viable, but some are better. Some experts say the best Toyota RAV4 trim is also one of the cheapest.

However, most buyers don’t choose the trim that’s recommended by many experts in the industry. Experts agree on the best 2023 Toyota RAV4 trim, the XLE Premium model.

According to Edmunds, the XLE trim is the most popular among buyers. When purchasing the RAV4, what makes customers think the XLE is the best one to buy? At one step above the base model, it adds keyless entry/ignition, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, blind-spot monitor, dual-zone automatic climate control, and additional USB ports. For $30,420, the XLE trim is only about $2,000 more than the LE base model.

Clearly, these extras are worth the extra cash to most people. Plus, no trim is a bad option with the standard equipment included with every RAV4. Base model RAV LEs have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, six speakers, a seven-inch touchscreen, LED headlights, forward collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping system, automatic high beams, and a traffic sign reader. Adding the XLE extras to it makes the RAV4 well-equipped for just over $30K.

Experts seem to agree on the best trim

Contrarily, experts disagree that the most popular XLE trim is the best option. Both Car and Driver and Edmunds recommend buying the 2023 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium model.

In addition to the base model and XLE features, it’s even more well-equipped. LED foglights, 19-inch wheels, a slightly raised suspension, a sunroof, a power liftgate, and simulated leather upholstery are added at this price. Speaking of which, it’s only $33,310, roughly $3,000 more than the XLE model.

Edmunds says it recommends the XLE Premium model because “In addition to all of the features found in the supporting LE and XLE models, you get some desirable updates that include a power liftgate, a sunroof, and simulated leather upholstery.”

The best 2023 Toyota RAV4 trim

In conclusion, the best 2023 Toyota RAV4 trim for most people is the XLE Premium. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck with a small SUV, this Toyota model is one of the best options. Choosing the XLE Premium trim gives you all the best features without getting too expensive.

It beats the more popular XLE model because of the additional features that make it more luxurious. Best of all, the price isn’t as high as many similarly-equipped competitors.

Do you think the 2023 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium is truly the best trim money can buy? Higher trims get a little costly, even coming close to exceeding $40,000.


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