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You bought your favorite SUV, the one you’d had your eye on for months or even years. You were in love with it at first – until maintenance bills and repair costs started piling up. Or, perhaps you’re in the market for a new-to-you used SUV, and you want to know which used SUVs are the most expensive to maintain – so you can avoid them. These are five of the most expensive used SUVs to maintain.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most expensive used SUVs to maintain

Cheap SUVs like this Jeep Grand Cherokee can be found in Florida
A 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk | Jeep

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a favorite of many, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its problems. The Jeep Grand Cherokee could cost you a pretty penny in your first ten years of ownership, according to CarEDGE. You’ll pay approximately $10,484 for maintenance and repairs in your first ten years of owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is $1,604 more than the average. 

There’s a 31.13% chance that you’ll need to pay for a major repair during that time, which they classify as anything over $500. They note that this is nearly 10% worse than other SUVs. 

The Dodge Durango could cost you more than ten grand in maintenance costs

Black 2019 Dodge Durango
2019 Dodge Durango | Dodge

That’s right, if you buy a used Dodge Durango (or you already own one), there’s a good chance that you could pay more than ten thousand dollars for repairs and maintenance in your first ten years of owning your SUV. On top of that, there’s a 30.99% chance that you’ll need to take care of a major repair in your Dodge Durango. This is 9.49% worse than other SUVs and $1,480 more than you’d generally expect to pay for repairs and maintenance. 

If you love Jeeps, you may be disappointed to see that there’s another Jeep on this list. Unfortunately, the Jeep Renegade could cost you an average of $10,083 to maintain and repair over ten years. That’s $1,203 more than average. 

Additionally, there’s a 31.13% chance that you’ll need to fix something major in the Jeep Renegade. If you already own a Jeep Renegade or are planning on buying one, you might want to stash some money aside for repairs. 

The Ford Expedition could kill your maintenance budget

The Ford Expedition is another SUV that is expensive to repair. It could cost you $9,443 to repair and maintain your Ford Expedition over 10 years. This is $563 more than average and much better than some other SUVs – but still not great. 

How about your chance of needing to have a major repair done on your Ford Expedition? There’s a 26.6% chance that you’ll spend more than $500 to repair your Ford Expedition during that time. 

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the most expensive large SUVs to maintain

If you buy a Chevy Suburban, you’ll probably be in love with it – until the repair bills start coming in. You could spend $9,306 to repair your Chevy Suburban over the course of ten years. This is $426 more than the average repair. 

There’s also a 26.05% chance that you’ll spend big bucks to repair your Suburban during that time. This is 4.55% worse than other SUVs. 

Despite the positive attributes of all of these SUVs, they may not be worth your time and money. Before you purchase any vehicle, research the common problems that happen with it, as well as the average maintenance costs and repair bills. This should help you to avoid major unexpected expenses. Of course, sometimes things happen despite your best precautions, so be prepared with any vehicle for the unexpected.


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