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It’s not enough to be a big SUV – it needs to be a big SUV with off-road looks and features. At least, that’s the current trend of the moment with models like the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro and the 2023 Ford Expedition Timberline. These two tank-ish utility vehicles play into the popularity of off-roading in general. But which is better, the Expedition Timberline or Sequoia TRD Pro? 

How are the Sequoia TRD Pro and Expedition Timberline different from the normal versions?

A white 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro demonstrates its capabilities on an off-road trail.
2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Toyota

The Sequoia TRD Pro and Expedition Timberline are off-road versions of full-size SUVs.

The Toyota Sequoia and Ford Expedition are already very capable SUVs – each their brand’s flagship full-size utility vehicle. They also both share a platform with a pickup truck sibling (F-150 and Tundra). But the TRD Pro and Timberline packages go in a different direction, emphasizing off-road performance over family features or towing. Aggressive appearance packages, higher ground clearance, standard off-road tires, and a plethora of all-terrain features are included with each. 

What off-road features are in the Sequoia TRD Pro and Expedition Timberline?

The Expedition Timberline and Sequoia TRD Pro come with standard off-road features you won’t find on other trim levels.

Sequoia TRD Pro Off-Road Features 

  • Standard Four-Wheel Drive
  • Fox Dampers
  • Locking Rear Differential 
  • Front Skid Plate 
  • Crawl Control
  • Multi-Terrain Select 
  • Off-Road Tires
  • Etc. 

Expedition Timberline Off-Road Features 

  • Standard Four-Wheel Drive 
  • Skid Plates
  • Tow Hooks
  • Off-Road Tires
  • Locking Rear Differential 
  • Trail-Turn Assist
  • Terrain Management System
  • Suspension Lift
  • Etc.

Which full-size off-road SUV is bigger?

The Ford Expedition Timberline is slightly larger than the Sequoia TRD Pro. 

According to Car and Driver, the Ford Expedition is about two inches longer and taller than the Toyota. That translates into more interior space, with the Expedition providing 172 cubic feet of passenger volume to the Sequoia’s 157 cubic feet. Both SUVs are enormous, dwarfing most crossovers. But the Expedition is a bit bigger.  

Breaking down the performance numbers

The Sequoia TRD Pro and Expedition are pretty even on performance, with the Toyota offering more power as a result of its hybrid technology. 

Engines and Horsepower 

Both SUVs use a turbocharged V6 engine under their hoods. The Expedition Timberline has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 making 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque – the highest output engine in the Expedition lineup. However, the Toyota benefits from an additional hybrid system paired with its twin-turbo V6. The result is 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque. 

Towing Capacity 

If you want to tow a camper to the trailhead, both the Toyota and the Ford will do the job. The two SUVs are neck and neck on towing performance, with the Expedition having a slight edge. Its 9,300 max towing capacity is slightly more than the Sequoia TRD Pro’s 9,020-pound capacity. 

Which should you drive?

Both of these full-size off-road SUVs accomplish their goals admirably. The Expedition Timberline has the same guts and power as the popular F-150 Raptor, with more interior room for family, dogs, or gear. The Sequoia TRD Pro thrives on its handsome looks, outstanding powertrain, and its brand reputation for reliability. Which one to drive will probably come down to OEM preference. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong.