2 Excellent 2022 Ultra Luxury Cars That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

Consumer Reports can sometimes be at odds with car owners and drivers regarding their view of certain cars in the market. However, it’s hard for them to go wrong when it comes to the predicted owner satisfaction, which is a predictive measure of how buyers will feel about their car purchase.

The differences in opinion between car drivers and the reviewer can show when the car has a low Consumer Reports rating but high predicted owner satisfaction. However, in this case, here are the two ultra luxury cars Consumer Reports reviewers believe owners will like just as much as they did.

The owner satisfaction category

BMW logo on of their luxury cars.
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A high owner satisfaction score indicates that future buyers of the same car model are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. It’s based on four subcategories, including the driving experience, value for the money, styling, and comfort of the car. Furthermore, the reviewer asks buyers whether they would be willing to buy it again based on their assessment. Those who answer with a definite yes contribute to the overall owner satisfaction percentage figures.

As for the four subcategories mentioned above, the driving experience judges the acceleration and the handling of the vehicle. The styling section evaluates the car’s aesthetic appeal. The comfort ranks features like climate control, ride, and cabin noise. Lastly, the value section judges whether buyers feel the car was well worth the money.

Predicted owner satisfaction for the BMW 7 series ultra luxury car

According to Consumer Reports, a relatively high percentage of previous buyers are already satisfied with their 2022 BMW 7 series. Additionally, most future buyers are just as likely to be happy with the vehicle, which is understandable given how it performs in the various subcategories.

In the driving experience section, it’s hard to bet against the BMW’s punchy V6, V8, and V12 engine options which provide plenty of power. These three options are coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission that shifts seamlessly. Furthermore, as a sedan, the vehicle handles well, and apart from some initial body lean and relatively slow turn-in response, there’s not much else you could complain about.

Impacts and bumps on the road are unlikely to be felt in the cabin, and with the addition of cozy and wide comfortable seats, comfort is likely not a concern. Furthermore, with climate control features, heated seats, a serene cabin, and more for the driver and passengers, almost everyone in the car should feel at home.

Lastly, in true BMW fashion, the 7 Series is a regal-looking car both on the inside and outside and is bound to elicit respect from onlookers wherever you drive it. With that, most buyers should conclude the vehicle is worth the huge price tag, although there may be some outliers.

Predicted owner satisfaction for the Genesis G90 ultra luxury car


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The 2022 Genesis G90 ultra-luxury car doesn’t get as high a score on Consumer Reports’ road test as the BMW 7 series. However, it ranks higher in the predicted owner satisfaction score. One reason may be that only one out of 10 previous buyers is somewhat dissatisfied with the car. The rest would buy it again.

Furthermore, in the driving experience category, the vehicle is available in two engine options, i.e., a V6 and a V8, both powerful enough for effortless acceleration. Like the 7 Series, these engines are matted to an eight-speed automatic that doesn’t have any problems shifting.

It handles soundly despite being a large car with minimal body lean. The only driving experience complaint may be the less-than-stellar steering feedback.

Comfort-wise, you can’t knock down the car’s ability to absorb bumps and road imperfections since it does so well. The seats are even more impressive since they’re wide with enough cushioning for support. Also, the driver is spoilt for choice regarding adjustment options. Add four-zone climate control and seat heating, with some being cooled as well, and the ride should be plenty comfortable.

Styling is regal, especially on the exterior, with an aggressive-looking grille at the front. As for the inside, it lives up to the title of an ultra-luxury car.

Nevertheless, where the G90 has the BMW truly beat is the value for money, with the Genesis being significantly cheaper. This might be why buyers are more likely to be satisfied with the G90 than the BMW 7 Series.