3 Excellent 2022 Compact Luxury SUVs That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

The luxury SUV segment is booming with many options, and it can be difficult for car shoppers to tell which luxury SUV is a good one. Car critics like Consumer Reports can help, and one of the best things to look for is a car’s owner satisfaction score, as it usually means that owners are happy with the car. For folks looking for a compact luxury SUV from the 2022 model year, here are three excellent options Consumer Reports predicts owners will love.

What owner satisfaction scores are judging

Consumer Reports gets a car’s owner satisfaction score relatively simply. Every year, the car critic sends out a survey that asks owners how they feel about their cars. This survey touches on whether owners were satisfied with the car’s driving experience if the car had a good value, if the styling was good, and if the comfort features were satisfying.

There’s also a question that asks owners if they would buy the car again—folks who would are marked as satisfied customers. However, there are a lot of cars on the market, and Consumer Reports isn’t able to get data from the owners of every car. As such, Consumer Reports will try to predict the owner satisfaction rating of cars without enough data. This is done by looking at similar models of the car.

1. The 2022 Lexus NX is solid all-around

According to Consumer Reports, one of the most satisfying compact luxury SUVs on the market right now is the 2022 Lexus NX. Unfortunately, there was not enough survey data, so it’s unclear what owners thought about the car’s specific features. In any case, the NX is a solid SUV all-around with few flaws. As such, it’s likely going to have some satisfied customers.

The NX starts at just over $38,000, which pays for a high-quality interior. Like other Lexus cars, the NX has good ratings for its seats, fit and finish, ride quality, and noise levels. And of course, it’s a very reliable car. That said, it has some minor issues, such as the electronic door releases being annoying to use.

2. The 2022 Porsche Macan is very satisfying compact luxury SUV

A light blue and a red 2022 Porsche Macan.
2022 Porsche Macan | Getty Images

The Macan is another enjoyable compact luxury SUV; this time, Consumer Reports got enough survey data. Overall, Macan owners gave this Porsche SUV high marks in multiple categories. Owners were delighted with Porsche’s driving experience. The same was true for the car’s comfort features.

Owners were also satisfied with the Macan’s styling, which almost has a perfect score. That said, at a starting price tag of $55,000, Macan owners are divided about the Porsche’s value. Just over half of the owners were satisfied with Macan’s value, which means the other half wasn’t.

3. The 2022 Genesis GV70 is another great compact luxury SUV


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Lastly, the GV70 is another high-quality pick in the segment. Unfortunately, Consumer Reports didn’t get enough survey data about this Genesis SUV. However, it should still be a great option, as it’s very affordable.

The GV70 starts at just under $42,000, making it one of the most affordable options in the segment. Despite being cheap, it’s definitely a luxury SUV, as its interior is nice and comfortable. The seats are good, the materials are luxurious, and the ride quality is solid. It’s not perfect, though, as its controls don’t feel good to use. They feel “extra aggravating” and “nightmarish.” Its rear visibility is also not good, but that’s a minor issue overall.