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Toyota Crown is one of the well-known sedans manufactured by the Japanese automobile giant Toyota since 1955. This vehicle is a total luxury and executive car. It’s interior is comfy and comparable to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Initially, it was designed for the Japanese and Asian markets, but later it became available in other markets. Please read on and find valuable information about Toyota Crown. 

Toyota to release the new Crown SUV by 2023

A white Toyota sign with Toyota written in red, makers of the Toyota Crown.
Toyota logo | Getty Images

After several decades of absence in northern America, the Toyota Crown is set to return to this region in 2023 with a hybrid SUV. The SUV is one of the latest additions to Toyota’s lineup of new releases. This new Toyota Crown model will probably be the most expensive crossover Toyota in the long list of sedans. 

According to Reuters, Toyota will launch the Crown SUV hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains before releasing the electric version in the middle of 2023. The plug-in hybrid version will be primarily intended for the Japanese market.

Although the manufacturer has not released pricing information or features of the new release Crown SUV, it will probably be more expensive and resilient than other models from this brand. According to Car And Driver, the company will not only sell the new Crown SUV in Japan but will also export it to other markets, including North America and China. 

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the Toyota Crown revival is part of its electrification push. The company plans to release its all-electric model in early 2024, but the details and price remain undisclosed.

A brief history of the Toyota Crown

The Toyota Crown is notably the first passenger car designed and built entirely in Japan. The vehicle serves as an inspiration to the Japanese automobile industry. 

The car was introduced in 1955. At that time, it was called the Toyopet Crown. Since then, it has been the mainstream sedan from Toyota and the company’s longest-running passenger car. It was also the first Toyota car to be exported to the United States in 1958.

The traditional competitors in Japan and Asia include Nissan Gloria, Cedric, Fuga, and Honda legend. Others are the defunct Mitsubishi Debonair, Mazda Luce, and Isuzu Bellel.

In November 2000, a manufacturer released a retro version of the r-series Crowd to celebrate 100 million vehicles built in Japan. Later in 2013, the Toyota Royal Saloon and Crown Athlete won the JNCAP star award.

In 2018, the Toyota Crown released this 15th generation vehicle. Some of the superb models of the Toyota Crown released by Toyota include Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Toyota Crown Athlete, and Toyota Crown Majesta.

Upcoming releases for Toyota

Toyota is planning for an overhaul iteration of its models. The company plans to make significant changes in 2022, including the all-new Corolla Cross small SUV, GR86 sports coupe, and Tundra pickup truck. Other noteworthy additions in the lineup include the Toyota Nightshade Edition.

According to Japan Times, Toyota aims to sell 3.5 million battery-electric vehicles by 2030 as part of its electrification plan. Toyota’s Lexus will account for 1 million of the all-electric Toyota vehicles destined for Europe, China, and North America. The future vehicle concept by Toyota includes a sports car and three SUVs, including a pickup truck, a vehicle paying homage to the FJ Cruiser, and three last-mile mobility vans.

The release of the new Crown SUV, especially the EV model, will be a significant step in the company’s goal to turn to all-electric vehicles by 2030. 


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