‘Everything About This Vehicle Is Junk’

CarComplaints.com offers a wider range of consumer complaints. From engine problems to in-car electronics failure to things like serially cracking dashboards, the complaints can pertain to essentially anything. But what exactly do the problems need to be in order to warrant the complaint: ‘everything about this vehicle is junk.’ The car problems for whatever this model is must be pretty bad, right? The vehicle is, in fact, a used Land Rover.

A Land Rover driving through a puddle. Is it a good used SUV?
A Land Rover Discovery TD5 driving through muddy puddles | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Not exactly a shocker, the model in question is a Land Rover Discovery II. In the CarComplaints review, there are complaints for this vehicle from the 2000 model year to 2004. This model shows consumer complaints about a few problem areas. But overall, there really aren’t very many complaints.

Car problems and consumer complaints

If you are on the hunt for a used Land Rover, there’s a chance you’ve already been browsing consumer complaints. For the Land Rover Discovery II, there are 24 complaints in total. The 2002 model year claims the most complaints overall. However, the 2004 model year Land Rover Discovery II is the one that earns the title for the worst model year of all. What is the dominant 2004 model year complaint?

1992 Land Rover Discovery 200Tdi is among the many Land Rovers that racks up consumer complaints
1992 Land Rover Discovery 200Tdi | Bring a Trailer

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Well, this is in fact the one that earned the ridiculous complaint ‘everything about this vehicle is junk.’ Apparently, one owner was very perturbed with their Land Rover Discovery II. But not everyone hates them that much. How do we get to the bottom of why this broad claim is made in reference to this Land Rover SUV? There isn’t much to go by if you just click on the link for the complaint on CarComplaints.

Is the Land Rover Discovery II really that bad?

For some, this Land Rover SUV is actually a pretty cool car. It’s super off-road capable. Plus, you can still see them on the road today. Often outfitted for extreme overlanding, the Land Rover Discovery II has its purpose. In fact, there are probably plenty of people out there that would find it sad to see someone say that ‘everything about this vehicle is junk.’ In the video below, we see an overall very positive review of this off-road SUV.

Overall, this machine is highly capable. The TFL video host mentions that it’s lifted and has aggressive tires on it but other than that all of the mechanics are stock. The 2004 Discovery II is a stellar off-roader, handily competing with more modern models. Plus, it offers plenty of interior luxury amenities––even for a model so old.

A used Disco II may be more reliable than you think

After a year of owning a used Land Rover Discovery II, TFL Off-Road does another review. This model needed a bit of work right off the bat. There were brake repairs done, and a few minor cosmetic issues were repaired as well. However, other than that they say this vehicle has turned out to be super reliable.

Right after the purchase of this used Land Rover 2004 model year Discovery II, the team took the truck to the mechanic. Of course, they were told $8,000 worth of repairs needed to be done on the vehicle. They decided to just drive it and––even though it supposedly need a bunch of work––it’s driven like a champ. Left to the elements and used as an off-road recovery vehicle, this Land Rover SUV is totally worth its salt and puts the rumors to shame. .