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If you’re a frequent tailgater or drive-in moviegoer, there’s only one pickup truck with this impressive feature you need. Leave the speaker at home and drive to any event. Every new pickup truck needs this 2022 Honda Ridgeline feature. Listen to music from the truck’s bed with the push of a button in the 2022 Honda Ridgeline with truck-bed audio.

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline is the only midsize pickup with truck-bed audio

RTL-E and Black Edition 2022 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck models come with truck-bed audio.
Honda Ridgeline truck bed trunk | Honda

MotorTrend calls the Ridgeline’s truck-bed audio system “perhaps the coolest feature of the Honda Ridgeline infotainment system.” Moreover, it’s a standard feature with RTL-E and Black Edition Ridgeline models. Unfortunately, the lower trim levels will have to go without the fancy truck-bed audio system. To activate the feature, you need to press a button on the home menu screen.

The in-cabin speakers turn off once owners switch the truck-bed audio on. In addition, the audio system will continue playing with the ignition switched completely off to preserve battery power. That’s what makes it the perfect choice for a long-winded tailgate party or drive-in movie session. Both side walls and the front of the box turn into speakers by vibrating with specialized speaker drivers.

How long can the midsize pickup truck-bed audio system run?

White Honda Ridgeline driving down a road in the desert.
2021 Ridgeline Sport (HPD) | Honda

According to MT, the Ridgeline’s system is designed to last for three hours in temperate weather conditions. Other models can run the stereo in accessory mode but frequently shut themselves off. Moreover, it can be an annoyance during a long drive-in movie or a daylong tailgate party. However, the Honda Ridgeline’s three hours of power is the perfect length to cover most movies and a pregame tailgate.

In need of a bit longer than three hours? Owners only need to plug in the Ridgeline to recharge its truck-bed audio capability. Fortunately, the ignition doesn’t even require activation. Once finished, the system will automatically revert to in-cabin audio when the truck reaches ten mph. Remaining under that speed is perfect for anyone who needs to use the truck-bed audio system in a slow-moving parade.

2022 Honda Ridgeline premium audio system

Overall, the Honda Ridgeline uses an excellent infotainment and audio system. For truck-bed sound, the midsize pickup uses a 540-watt, eight-speaker system. In addition, it comes with a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a physical volume knob for easy use while driving. Next, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard features. Connecting your device to the infotainment system allows you to easily control the music played through the truck-bed audio system during your tailgate party.

It isn’t the best premium audio system available by any stretch. However, it’s a solid system with excellent features, like the unique truck-bed audio.

Every new pickup truck needs this 2022 Honda Ridgeline feature

Dog sitting in the bed of a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck.
Dog in a pickup truck bed | Guilherme Stecanella via Unsplash

Anyone who frequently attends a tailgate party should seriously consider a 2022 Honda Ridgeline. It’s the only midsize pickup offering the truck-bed audio system. This feature will likely set the trend, and other models will implement something similar soon. For now, the only way to perfect your tailgates and drive-in movies is by purchasing a Ridgeline.


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