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’60s-Era Land Rovers are incredibly cool already, so how would one company go about making this vehicle even cooler? Enter Everrati. The Everrati Land Rover Series IIA upcycles old ’60s-Era Land Rovers into new, electric vehicle, off-roading machines. Meet the new EV on the block.

The Everrati Land Rover Series IIA

The Everatti Land Rover Series IIA
The Everrati Land Rover Series IIA | Everrati

Everrati took one of the most iconic 4×4 Land Rovers and turned it into something new. The Land Rover Series IIA was first launched in 1961 as a civilian four-wheel-drive vehicle. Since then, it has been a staple in collector’s homes, on the roads, and even in museums. It looked good, was capable of anything, and you could run it into the ground while still looking chic doing it.

Since then, Everrati made the 1960’s vehicle into a zero-emissions SUV ready for the 21st century. The gasoline-to-electric powertrain conversion has become a trend lately, taking older vehicles and bringing them into the future with a powertrain swap. Not only does it essentially recycle a car that might otherwise waste away in a garage, but it breathes new life into an older vehicle that might not get any attention these days. Bring on the vintage electric vehicles.

What did the Everrati Land Rover Series IIA gain with the conversion?

The Everrati Land Rover Series IIA | Everatti

This particular Everrati Land Rover Series IIA has some interesting stuff under the proverbial hood. The SUV offers 150 bhp and a 0-60 mph time of 13 seconds. It has an estimated 100 miles in range, but Everrati has not confirmed the range yet. Everatti estimates it would cost $11.89 to charge the IIA with the 60kWh battery. It offers both AC and DC Fast Charging. This Land Rover also provides both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive.

Land Rover specialists worked hard to restore this vehicle before the swap. “Maintain structural integrity; powertrain is reversible, maintaining value and options into the future,” the company said. The chassis and bulkhead were both galvanized, and it offers regenerative braking like most modern EVs.

One section notes that the 0-60mph time was 23 seconds, cut down to 13 seconds with the conversion. It also offers double the bph, up to 150 from 70. The company also notes it used to cost around $80 to fill up the Land Rover, which is now down to just under $12. Not a bad return on investment.

You can pre-order the Series IIA right now, but there isn’t much information about a delivery time yet. The price is around $206,000 and includes the restorable vehicle.

What other electric vehicles are in the pipeline?

The Land Rover isn’t the only vehicle Everrati is working on. In fact, many people might recognize the Everatti name from the Porsche 911 964 conversion. The brand is also working on a Superformance GT40, a Mercedes-Benz SL W113 Pagoda, and some others.

David Beckham recently invested in the company Lunaz, similar to Everrati. Lunaz also focuses on taking old British gasoline-powered vehicles and making them into zero-emission EVs. Since many companies are focusing on moving toward fully electric lineups, this is the time to do it.


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