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Most people know Sydney Sweeney from her work on Euphoria, but her role in the renowned series is just a small representation of who the celebrity is. Sweeney has become a recognizable actor in Hollywood, snagging impressive roles in shows such as Handmaid’s Tale and Euphoria.

Sweeney also has a large following on social media, and she uses her platform to promote body positivity and give fans a glimpse of her personal life. Part of that is restoring a vintage Ford Bronco. Sweeney took to TikTok to walk her fans through how the restoration process of her vintage Bronco was going, and fans ate it up.

Sweeney is involved in more than just acting

Sydney Sweeney wears a red Balmain tweed jacket and skirt in February 2020 in Paris, France
Sydney Sweeney | Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

Sweeney isn’t like most actors who studied the craft. Instead, the Euphoria star studied entrepreneurship because she wanted to spot bad industry contracts without needing anyone else to do it for her. She took business classes to understand any legal jargon tossed around in meetings and fine prints in contracts.

The talented actor has already put her entrepreneurial skills to good use — she launched a production company, Fifty-Fifty Films. Sweeney mentioned that she opened her own production house so that she could have control of the stories she wanted to tell.

Her first project involves singer Halsey, with whom she’s partnering for the series The Players Table. Sweeney has had her plate full for a while. Aside from working on Euphoria, she has starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and is set to star in The White Lotus, airing on HBO. Additionally, the star landed a part in Silver Star.

All of Sweeney’s work has seen her net worth rise. Although the exact figure isn’t known, various sources have placed it in the millions. However, according to World Celebs, it’s $2 million.

And some of that appears to have gone toward her passion for cars.

Sweeney owns a vintage Ford Bronco

Money can buy almost anything, but it can’t buy taste, and Sweeney is aware of it. The star seems to have a particular taste in vehicles, and that includes the iconic Ford Bronco. Last year, Sweeney posted a photo of herself in a first-generation 1969 Bronco on Instagram.

Sweeney has been documenting her journey through restoring the Bronco on TikTok, and fans can’t help but fall in love with the process. The star posts the videos on the TikTok account syds_garage.

The account has quickly gained interest, with more than 280,000 followers and 1.5 million likes as of this writing. The star took fans through the process from when she first acquired the SUV. She began by removing the original driveshaft and changed the transmission to automatic for an easier drive. 

In addition, she replaced the rear axle and brought in experts to handle some of the technical work. She also gave the vehicle a bit of a lift by changing the suspension. And she changed the pain job from its original red to a baby blue, which she said is her favorite color.

1969 Ford Bronco specs and estimated price


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The 1969 Ford Bronco is a first-generation Bronco built using a box section body-on-frame construction and sits on a 92-inch wheelbase. Ford built the 1969 Bronco with a manual transmission with three gears. The 1969 model also packs a V8 engine making 220-hp and a 302-cubic-inch displacement. This two-door four-seater also has a coil spring front suspension and leaf springs rear suspension.

Many people are becoming more interested in first-generation Bronco SUVs, with interest split between Baby Boomers and millennials. These SUVs having an average value of $50,000, a 4 percent increase since 2019.