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There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer, but pickup truck utility really comes in handy when the weather heats up. Pickup truck owners have transformed truck beds into huge coolers at tailgates and parties. Some truck owners even turn truck beds into small pools. The Ford F-150 Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk has opened up a new world of possibilities for truck owners.

The F-150 Lightning Mega Power Frunk can power an eco-friendly BBQ

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The Ford F-150 Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk is one of its most exciting features. While most electric trucks will have frunks, the patented Mega Power Frunk takes things to another level. The frunk is “built Ford Tough” and comes with features that increase its utility.

The Mega Power Frunk has a maximum payload capacity of 400 pounds. It has 14.1 cubic feet of storage space. The frunk comes with four powerpoints and two USB ports.

F-150 Lightning owners can plug in an electric stove, a blender, and other appliances to BBQ using power provided by the frunk. Ford demonstrated how Lightning owners could use the frunk in a YouTube video series entitled What’s In the Frunk? The YouTube miniseries consists of three short episodes showcasing the frunk’s many uses.

In episode one of the miniseries, NY culinary collective Ghetto Gastro prepares a meal using cooking appliances powered by the F-150 Lightning’s frunk. The duo then have their meal in the electric truck’s trunk bed, using a table and the sides of the bed as seats. The F-150 Lightning is perfect for setting up a BBQ or cookout just about anywhere.

Pump up the volume with the F-150 Lightning Mega Power Frunk

The F-150 Lightning is a party on wheels thanks to its Mega Power Frunk. Cooking is just one of the many uses for the frunk’s powerpoints. Owners of the electric truck can also use it to power speakers. Bring a DJ deck with you, and you’ve got everything you need to get the party started.

The F-150 Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk can also be used for live music. In episode two of the What’s In the Frunk? YouTube miniseries, two musicians use the F-150 Lightning to play music live. The musicians use the F-150 Lightning’s frunk to power instruments, speakers, and laptops.

Whether you want to power your backyard party or have a jam session in a parking lot, the F-150 Lightning has you covered. The versatility of the electric truck’s Mega Power Frunk is one of its main selling points to many consumers. According to Road Show by CNET, the Mega Power Frunk can hold a whopping eight packs of bagged concrete.

Ford already won the frunk wars

A gray 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is parked with its frunk open.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

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Since electric pickup trucks don’t need to house engines under the hoods, most electric trucks will feature frunk space that can be used for storage capacity. Many automakers will copy Ford’s formula and include outlets in frunks to add more utility to electric trucks.

Ford’s strategic marketing of its frunk and its patent make it leaps and bounds ahead of other automakers. The Blue Oval took an unoccupied space and gave it incredible payload capacity and functionality. The American automaker may have already won the frunk wars before they even really started.

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