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Stellantis announced today that it will only make the Chrysler Voyager minivan available to fleet orders. This move is an odd one as the Voyager and Chrysler Pacifica are the same thing. The only differences are that the Voyager is a lower-trim model while the upper trims become a Pacifica. So this makes the Chrysler 300 sedan and Pacifica minivan the last two Chrysler-branded vehicles sold in 2022.

The Pacifica and Voyager lose trims but gain standard features

A black 2021 Chrysler Pacific driving on a road with a fall background
2021 Chrysler Pacifica | Chrysler

Part of this move means that the Chrysler and Dodge Pacifica will lose some trim levels but will see standard features increase substantially. So for Dodge or Chrysler minivan buyers, this is good news. Unless you need your new Chrysler-branded minivan with the Voyager trim. In other words, it doesn’t matter. 

It looks like Stellantis is trying to streamline production and limit so many variables on the assembly line. And that means it is probably the final year for the minivan as Chrysler either dries up and blows away or is set to launch a bunch of new models. From our perspective, it is the latter. 

Besides the simplification of the trims; LX is the only trim now available. The main difference is that fleet buyers like rental car companies can’t get the Voyager with all-wheel drive. That will stay exclusively with the Pacifica. The Voyager LX does add a seven-inch touchscreen for the Uconnect 5 infotainment system, second-row Stow ‘n Go seats, power-operated sliding doors, heated front seats, new air filtration system, and a heated steering wheel.

Besides trims, what other changes will the Voyager and Pacifica have?

A blue metallic 2021 Chrysler Pacifica at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview
2021 Chrysler Pacifica | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Mechanically and visually, the Voyager and Pacifica remain the same. That is yet another sign that the Chrysler minivan is poised to see a refreshed or entirely new version soon. That, or it is at the end of its production run. 

By 2023 we should be seeing a reborn Chrysler. Parent company Stellantis has numerous Peugeot models; specifically the 508, that would become natural rebranded Chrysler products. This includes a sedan, wagon, and crossover. 

Peugeots will become Chryslers by 2023

Chrysler/Peugeot 508 models
Chrysler/Peugeot 508 models | Stellantis

Peugeot was making big plans to reenter the US market right before the Stellantis merger. With some minor tweaks and new badges, these Peugeot cars would become instant Chryslers. We expect to start seeing more news before this time next year with launches set for 2023.

So the final two models currently made; Chrysler 300 and Pacifica, are keeping the Chrysler brand in a holding pattern. And that is why the trims have been simplified not only for the Pacifica but the 300 sedans as well. It will be interesting to see what Chrysler does to differentiate the European Peugeots from their American counterparts. That is if it happens at all.

Bring the Peugeot 508 wagon to our shores

Chrysler/Peugeot 508 wagon
Chrysler/Peugeot 508 wagon | Stellantis

We also can’t wait to see which models come to the US. Stellantis, if you’re listening, bring that 508 station wagon over. We need a new American (sort of) wagon. It will be the only one on the market. You’ll be just in time for the resurgence in wagon sales. Maybe. 


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