Emelia Hartford Builds Her Car Empire (and Net Worth) 1 Drive at a Time

Social media influencers are everywhere these days. Indeed, they’re among the fastest-growing types of celebrities out there. But while influencers are seemingly a dime a dozen, some truly stand out for their originality and talent. Emelia Hartford certainly falls into the latter category, thanks to the remarkable success of her YouTube channel focusing on fast cars. 

Who is Emelia Hartford?

Hartford is not only an actor but also a well-known model and car enthusiast who has won awards for her driving, her official website, EmeliaHartford.com, reports. Combine these many talents, and you’ve clearly got the makings of a social influencer queen.

She’s also made various public appearances, from hosting Velocity’s SEMA: Battle of the Builders to premiering in Season 2 of Netflix’s Fastest Car. She has also appeared in films such as From Mexico With Love and the David DeCoteau-directed Nightfall.

But Hartford hasn’t stopped there. Her drive has taken her to impressive social media heights. 

Her YouTube channel has really taken off

A YouTube logo displayed on a smartphone. Emelia Hartford has a YouTube channel with over 775,000 subscribers.
YouTube logo | Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

All of the above accomplishments are impressive, but Hartford has gained fame on social media. She has well over a million followers across platforms. And she’s been particularly successful on YouTube, where she has been growing her presence for the past four years. 

On her YouTube channel, where the 28-year-old builds and races various cars, she’s racked up over 70 million views and 775,000 subscribers. Fans particularly appreciate the voice she gives to women in a male-dominated field. 

Recently, her most popular YouTube videos involve a 2020 C8 Corvette she bought herself for her 28th birthday. As a car engineering enthusiast, Hartford played around with the engine until it died. Not to be deterred, though, she eventually got it up and running. And not just running, but running impressively fast. So fast, in fact, that it became the world’s fastest C8 Corvette, HotCars reports.

But Hartford’s most popular video is one in which she spoke about and worked on her Nissan 240SX. She got this car as a wreck she brought back to life as a drift racer. That video has racked up an impressive 3 million views. 

Hartford’s popularity has been good for her bank account


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There’s no way to know exactly how much money Emelia Hartford’s social media success has brought her, but it’s clearly nothing to sneeze at. First, her C8 Corvette starts at around $60,000, so she’s got a decent amount of change in her pocket.

Various websites speculate that Hartford’s net worth is around $1 million to $2 million, HotCars reports. Considering some folks don’t amass that much money in a lifetime, it’s safe to say her social media skills are solid. 

But social media isn’t the be-all and end-all for Hartford. She said she’s not in it for the fame. She’s in it for her love of cars.

“End of the day, I like working on cars. I’m not out to prove anything to anyone,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been doing it full time, every day for the past three and a half years and part-time for years prior. It’s not going anywhere. Thanks for listening.”