Electric Tesla Pickup Truck Reportedly Coming in November

Tesla has long been the figurehead and pioneer of electric vehicles. It has made big promises for the future and, while not always living up to those promises, has certainly inspired the vehicle industries toward an electric future. However, one of Tesla’s biggest problems with the general populace is its focus on luxury cars, high prices, and luxury features. Its sales flag compared to predictions partly because most people are looking for practical vehicles in a practical price range. Like a Tesla pickup truck.

What the Tesla Pickup Truck Has In Store

According to Musk, the new pickup holds the promise of a “cyberpunk” design. There have been numerous digital renderings of Tesla fans guessing what this could possibly mean, but the other features of the pickup have also only been roughly sketched out. According to Engadget, the truck will purportedly provide a Ford F-150 worth of carrying capacity and the performance of an unmodified Porsche 911. Everything else is guess-work, including how much it will cost.

Inverse reports Musk going so far as to say “Maybe it will be too futuristic for most people, but I love it.” Once again leaving us all to guess what that means or how that translates to the vehicle’s soon-to-be-revealed features.

Fans are looking forward to discovering what the Tesla pickup might actually include, and there’s a good chance it will have most of our favorite features from previous Tesla models. Tesla has every reason to include high-end dash technology from the large-screen control system to assisted driving features that are already hot in other brands that have learned from Tesla’s success. However, whether the truck will include anything new, or what might be missing to “make room” for newer features or capabilities is yet-undefined.

Elon Casually Announces the Long-Delayed Reveal

Despite the overwhelming excitement for the Tesla pickup truck, the reveal has already been pushed back by months. Initially, we expected to see the reveal this past summer of 2019, but it never appeared. On July 27, Musk then mentioned that we might see the truck revealed in September or October.

Early September, a Twitter follower reached out to ask if the Tesla pickup truckreveal would happen before the end of October because they did not want to miss it. Musk, in a characteristically casual let-down, replies simply “November most likely” and then once again goes silent.

Fans are excited, but also let down. After all, we were supposed to see the truck this summer. Then this fall. Now, we’ll be lucky to know what that many-time-rendered pickup looks like before the Holiday season. Of course, we’ve also grown accustomed to sliding release dates while waiting on bated breath for Tesla to do just about anything.

Tesla Needs the Electric Pickup to Compete

Despite the long delay, Tesla really needs this pickup release. Tesla is already struggling to meet its own sales quota and its biggest competitors are consumer-level brands like Toyota and Nissan. Why? Because those competitors are making utilitarian electric and hybrid vehicles in a price range that the majority of the population is more comfortable with. Many people are excited about the electric vehicle revolution, but not everyone wants and/or can afford a sports car. Not to mention the competing electric pickup by Rivian.

We need cars that go to work, that haul trailers, and transport families. This is among the many reasons why Tesla’s pickup truck reveal is so exciting. If they can stop the slide and get those pickups through production, Tesla will be introducing a whole new realm of electric vehicles: Utility electric. And no, we don’t think that they’ll be “too futuristic”. We are ready for the future.